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SPN:21, "All Hell Breaks Loose"

What a roller-coaster ride, and I knew Kripke would leave us angsting at the end. If he cliffhangers us after the next episode and leaves us with big pain, I'm going to have to hurt him. :(

God, the terrible irony of being all assy to your brother and then having him just taken from you without a trace. I'll bet Dean wishes he'd been a little nicer before Sam went into that Diner, huh?

I really liked the ghost-town, and the whole mythology behind that. Although the woods up behind it *koff-koff* are full of sword fern undergrowth that screams Pacific Northwest, and Kripke-- what're you paying that set person for, anyway?

I loved seeing Andy again-- I have such a weakness for him, so sweet and aimless. I was always underwhelmed with Ava (who seems to have really puffed up, which I noticed more because they repeated the 5'5" 108 lbs bio info, which just... no). Now I'm drawn back into my earlier question, which is whether the Demon killed Ava's boyfriend, or whether Ava did it herself. Hmmm.

Jake was awesome right up until... you know. Very solid character, and I like that he understood what Sam was feeling under the brave in-this-together surface he was throwing up. I DO love that the Demon was playing each of the kids off each other-- "Well, you're really my favorite. But don't tell the others..."

I got an enormous kick out of the YED this episode-- he was enjoying himself entirely, worthy of the "Devil as small-town sheriff" from American Gothic. I did like the interesting revelations-- that Mary might have recognized the Demon, that he looked more like John in that past incarnation, and how it is that he marked/altered the chosen children. Though the blood dripping into the baby's mouth was just creepy and entirely sickening.

Aw the hell with this-- let's get to the angst.

Sam's missing Dean and those reassurances just killed me. Part of him still wants that magical big-brother protection to be real, and even if it proves not to be he wants Dean there and he wants the illusion at least of that magical protection. His face, when Dean was finally there... such joy and relief. If only he'd gotten to keep that longer.

I loved beyond all measure Dean's attempts to convince Sam that the wound wasn't that bad. Not so much self-denial, just the desire for Sam to be less scared, the way an awesome parent or big-brother would do. I still want a mutual hug, though, in part because we know that Dean adores Sam already but doesn't really let Sam love him back (and continues to angst forever over how much Sam actually does). But I will take this for now-- Dean's hands stroking Sam's face and hair, reassuring him and cherishing him, were like the antidote for all of Early Season 2. And the desperation in his touch, the way he clung to Sam-- like he was clinging to hope all at the same time-- was just perfect.

The end-- that long, silent, still moment where Sam doesn't move and doesn't respond... go ahead, Kripke, just rip my heart out and leave it lying on the black gravel in the rain. :(

Dean's red eyes from the previews of next week are going to hurt me for the next 7 days. *angsts*

*tries to breathe*~~~

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