The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Weekend In Review

Prison Break Fic Exchange prompts are out! Still a lot of work, but after the 40-author exchange, 27 authors seems so much more manageable.

Finished my Lincoln/Nika story that has dogged me since probably February. If only more people were reading non-Michael/Sara fics these days...

Cycling: Outdoors yesterday only, thanks to the 2-day windstorm. Spring is so iffy in Sacramento.
Of the bad: Squirrel mating-season has started, and the fuzz quotient is way up (in the mouth and one eye yesterday).
Of the good: the sweet, peppery mystery plant #1 is blooming, and the fresh-laundry-sweet mystery plant #2 should follow.
On the bike path last week (in transit, no less): Two snakes (nearly hit one), a buck, a half-moulted turkey (ewww), lizard!, and a jackrabbit.

My son's school: I volunteer every other Monday, and I'm down to 1-2 times left in Christopher's class, thank goodness. I find my time there a little unpleasant-- the teacher is highly controlling, and does not appear to actually like children. With a class full of Advanced-level second-graders who are bright and funny and off-the-wall, that's really sad to me. :(

Tales of Christopher: In the car yesterday, he went through his list of the planets' complaints (he's been reading an astronomy book). Things like "I'm Mercury, and my core is made of iron" or "I'm Jupiter, and I have a big red boo-boo on me" weren't that strange. The one that got me was
       "I'm Saturn, and my moons are weird."
That sounds so... preteen, or something! "Everybody's staring at me because my moons are weird, and you just don't understaaaaand!" :0 Now I feel compelled to find out what constitutes a "weird" moon.

On Video: Children of Men, which I liked most of (though I left to do laundry for much of the last half-hour). Ah, Michael Caine-- you're sure having fun these days. P.D. James (writer)-- love your mysteries, but the jury's still out on this one. Oz, Season 4: my god, Ally Sheedy in a one-episode stint! Still acting with her chin, I see. ;)

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