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SPN and J-Squared Recs, Plus ??

It's Thursday, which means I can barely focus on anything except The Show, later tonight. But, I do have some assorted recs to help your day go faster. :)

Supernatural Slash:
Only Natural (R, Sam/Dean) by abstractprose. I keep coming back to this one, which bypasses all my usual underage objections with its incredible, hot, persuasive style. Still one of my favorites, from way back, and the second-person Sam POV doesn't change that.

One, Two, Three (PG-13, Sam/Dean PreSeries) by impertinence. Underage again, but oh how it works. Set during Sam's Senior year of high school, the boys are alone together each time John leaves on a hunting trip and then jolted apart by his return. This shows so well the disconnection and rejoining Sam and Dean go through again and again over time, the re-establishment of that deeper love that binds them so completely.

Familiar Admonishments (NC-17, John/Dean) by teand. I found this one via crack_impala, and it is incredible. Caveats: If you find John/Dean hot, this is probably not the story for you (I personally don't like parent/child pairings in any fandom). If you're a diehard John fan, this is definitely not the story for you (the John in this story will likely sicken and anger you). IF you have wiggle-room on how you see John, and are looking for a compelling read that shows one mistake of wrongness building on another again and again, then this story has a lot of dramatic punch. It's disturbing and heartbreaking, and unflinchingingly shows all the unhappy ways such a relationship would be if it were real. This is one of the most striking and true portrayals of Dean I've seen in a long time, and the drama and character depiction alone are worth the read. There is also skilled attention to the duality of what Dean thinks the relationship is (where he thinks he's consenting, that he truly wants it) versus what the reader sees (where there was never any real possibility that Dean could refuse it, given how badly he needs to be loved). As an angsty, tortured story, this will blow you away.

J-Squared RPS:
End Of Our Days (PG-13) by kissedbythegods This is a post-apocalyptic story of discovering love, and it's just haunting. Very unusual read.

And to take the edge off the mood from that one...
Jensen's Big Gay Love Is The Most Normal Thing Around (NC-17, some het) by lissa_bear. This features several of the CW regulars in turn, and it's one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. You'll feel for poor besotted, vanilla-Jensen surrounded by sex-obsessed CW types who keep egging him on toward the threesome with Jensen and Sandy that he's trying to avoid. If you fear threesomes as I do, I can assure you that it'll be okay. Meanwhile, you'll be too busy laughing your head off to care.

Remember to leave the authors some love if you enjoy these stories!

For Everyone:
Here's something different: "My Generation" as sung by The Zimmers on YouTube. The Zimmers are a bunch of old folks in Britain that were assembled for a documentary, and someone had the fantastic idea for them to take the Who's famous song and put their own sardonic spin on it: Take it away, Alf...

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