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Last Day for Prison Break Fic Exchange Signups!

If you're a straggler for challenge signup deadlines, as I often am, then heads up! The Prison Break Fic Exchange signup post is here. We've got 20 authors thus far this round, which is great!

Over the weekend, I porned for drvsilla, forgot to write drabbles, and saw two movies.

We watched In The Land Of Women in the theatre, and it was SO much better than I'd expected, especially since it features Meg Ryan (whom I generally avoid) and a random WB kid. BUT Adam Brody did a great job after all, and Meg was more of a real person than a neurotic ditz, and god-- Olympia Dukakis as the grandmother was gold.That combination of "hilarious" and "nightmare" makes me think of Alan Arkin's incredible performance in Little Miss Sunshine.

On DVD, we saw Stranger Than Fiction, which we missed in the theater due to a prolongue babysitter crisis way back whenever. My husband is such a sucker for Emma Thompson that he was willing to brave Will Ferrell in this movie. He was very surprised to find that he loved it-- the weird numerical subscripts and calculations that follow the main character around (he is an I.R.S. agent who can't stop counting/numbering everything), the basic pretext of the movie. The pace and flow were excellent, the story was compelling. Dustin Hoffman did not chew scenery, and it's been years since I could say that *kicks "Rain Man" Oscar award*. The screenwriter, Zach Helm looks like a baby, practically-- he's all of 31 now, and what a fantastic job he did with this story. It's an original screenplay, and I must say-- I'm impressed. shows that this is his big splash-- not much in the background that has caught a lot of attention.

All right, enough about me. What did everyone else do this weekend (besides anticipate Jensen in A Few Good Men onstage in Dallas)?
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