The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's "House M.D." Day!

I am full of random today, I warn you. :0

I wrote and posted an Mpreg Supernatural story for clex_monkie89's birthday, and it was not Crack! How does that happen to me? Remember the Wincest Pirate AU stories? At least this story was funny-- and an entertaining misadventure. Go, Clex!

Started up another round of the Prison Break Fic Exchange this weekend. Signups are here, and run only through April 30. This will give writing and posting time before my Summer Vacation, hence the sudden rush. Over 10 participants so far, including some Round 3 returnees we didn't see last time. I also discovered some new comms, namely crack_pie (Kellerman/Sara) and magnificentpaul (for the actor who plays Kellerman, everyone's favorite Chuckleheaded Sociopath).

Last night's 24:
People, people-- Jack always has a plan! If only you would trust and not screw it up for him! ;) I can't really blame them-- just the writers for the consistency of it all.

Karen Hayes called the Chad Lowe character a weasel! \o/ I've been referring to both him AND the Peter MacNichol character that way since the beginning of the season, when they would sneak off around the corner and have Weasel Conventions over how to get rid of Karen Hayes, get control of the President Who Follows His Own Council, etc.

Also? I don't really care what happens to Audrey Raines. Honestly, I don't-- they could throw her overboard. However, I DO understand why Jack cares. Heck, Jack cares about everyone. Next Season Theme Opportunity: Jack rescues Chloe from kidnapping by the North Koreans, who want her to build them a missile system. Hey, it could happen!

The Great Outdoors in Sacramento:
Our weekends in the Spring are pretty consistent. Rain, rain, rain, windstorm, rain, windstorm, rain... scorch. We haven't hit the last one yet, but as a gardener I can attest that it happens yearly, with a collective groan of "I didn't get any of my new plants put in!"

Yesterday, I biked on the least windy day in forever, though I still needed a Breath-Rite across the nose (I never get them on straight, so they look doubly stupid). The squirrel threat (Mating Season) hasn't gone full out yet, but my other springtime fears loom daily: inhaling a chunk of fuzz from the cottonwood trees along the bikepath, and getting baffed in the mouth with a giant black butterfly. Yick.

I like butterflies when they are over there. But up close, they have an awful lot of legs.

Speaking of which, since I worked in the yard yesterday, the ground is acrawl. And I don't mean with worms. Poll!
Poll #972476 Spiders!


OMG you h0r, you mentioned my phobia! *Defrendz*
Creepy-- that is way too many legs.
They don't actually bother me.
I touch them with my bare hands!
I have one as a pet, you hater! *Defrendz*

Also? My family_secret story is done. BUT... I'm waiting to post it until later in the week, when a certain someone has a birthday. :) Yes, I finished a birthday fic early for a change!

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