The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Am I Geek-tastic, or just Pathetic?

Got this one from elanurel. My geek score would be higher if I'd actually read some of the standard Sci-Fi/Fantasy instead of sticking to the stuff I like. ;) Free Online Dating73% - Free Online Dating

Today I'm actually writing (feverishly. Hi, Clex!). And our babysitter cancelled again this week, which dampens the spirits quite a bit. Grrr..

Meanwhile, Christopher is distracting me with his excessive enthusiasm for John Madden '07, to the point where I may have to move into another room. He's been having fun with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 quite a bit too, which allows the park creator a lot of, let us say, homicidal freedoms. There's an animal park component, and you can put predators and prey together. Or predators and guests, which Christopher has done. You can far exceed the torque physics on the roller coaster/flume rides (which is unnerving to watch via the "Coaster Cam," let me tell you), and send rides over volcanoes or dump them out into the swimming people-- when actual people are swimming in it, lots of them. Okay!

You can also observe guests, who are often "Wandering" or "Looking for family" but once was "Becky is in love" (that lasted about 5 seconds-- Becky must have been a pre-teen or something) and today Christopher zeroed in on a guy with an Afro whose thought was "Is somebody watching me?!?"

On the exercise front, I foresee a day of biking in the garage, where I'll be watching Oz, so not too bad. Last weekend I watched a movie, The Crutch, which was about a gay high school student and drama teacher and was fairly compelling. There's a strangely non-judgmental feeling to that relationship (these are the recollections of the student), even though you can see what a negative influence the exposure to drugs and alcohol added.

On Thursday.... I went running again, for the first time since the Disneyland trip that was so hard on my feet. 3.3 miles, and I finished, which is huge. I went on the parkway, for the added spring of running on dirt and not blacktop. I'd hoped for a little rain beforehand to soften it further, but no.

Funny-- when my husband asks about my bicycle rides, the answers are things like "Windy" "Fuzzy" "Squirrels" "Fast!" "I saw quail" "A bunny!" "Hot" or "Lots of idiots."

Ever since the plantar fasciitus almost 3 years, ago, where I've eased back into running again since Thanksgiving, the usual answer is "I finished." And that IS its own answer. It's such a different perspective.


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