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Positive Traits Meme! Also Cracktastic Supernatural, and what's in the mail?

First, Positive Traits Meme by lovebuggin!

Post your own username (and show the exact location, plz), and leave comments for others. Mine is here.

That should make everyone's Friday better. :)

Supernatural's "Hollywood Babylon" Episode:
It was great seeing Dean have a big, fat, goofy time in this episode. "Light-hearted" is something we don't see much from him (something I don't think he often is), and the way he immersed himself and had a good time was fun to see. Perhaps kind of out-of-character given everything we've seen of him in nearly 2 years, but still fun.

Wish he'd been able to persuade Sam to let go a little, though perhaps Sam is feeling the same "jerklash" as some of the viewing audience, i.e., "Doomed. Doooomed! Angst-angst-ANVIL-thud-flail! *ache* *sniffle* Oooh-- silliness!"

Looking at "early Dean," I never expected that we'd eventually see his as he is now-- ultra- geeky, kind of dorky around women, so often heartbroken by his father's/brother's choices, and OMG-- never eat in public, Dean! Seriously, I wonder if this is all an attempt to kill those Wincest vibes by having him eat stuff at Sam week after week in such a gross, off-putting way. Fanfic: Blow pop! Canon: dribbly steak-rindy bits. Urk.

My husband was extremely disappointed when Gary Cole bit it early in the episode. After American Gothic (from the evil-genius mind of former Hardy Boy, Shaun Cassidy), my husband has been ready to stalk Gary Cole. Sadly, not much screen time in this episode (though some good lines).

Loved not only the bad, bad horror movie and the deliberately bad acting (Brody, you suck. Really well), but the fake trailer for it was gold! Unfortunately, the trailer for "Hot Fuzz" later in the commercial breaks looked like a joke too, but that one was real. :0

The actress here... her googly-moogly eyes kind of disturbed me (they don't track to the same place). I very much liked her "real" scenes as opposed to her "actress" scenes. Nice contrast.

And "Why are ghosts afraid of salt? Did we make that condiments finally? That really doesn't make sense..." All that SPN lore interspersed in the script was like Kripke making fun of himself, which was unexpected delight. (Reminds me of my favorite episode of Nowhere Man, a show that probably 10 people nationwide watched. In one episode, the main character is in a bar where a show about his life is airing, complete with his aching, relentless search for his identity and stolen past. Except that the TV version of it is cheesy, and all the bar patrons think it's a riot. D'OH!)

The ending, walking into the fake sunset together... yes. Kripke knows us too well. :D

And in the mail this week? A "Prospective Juror Survey" to fill out. Uh-oh

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