The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In March

It's ironic, isn't it, how I almost never post these up until the middle of the following month?

This time is nooooo different. :0 And wow-- I wrote much more than I thought!

Supernatural Gen:
In Parallel, Unrevealed (PG, The Amulet's POV): for spn_outsidepov: Lives upon lives pass by, sensed, gone, and renewed.
Death By Repetition (PG, Drabble set, Humor): "Routine Maintenance" challenge, or why life on the road sometimes sux.
This Rusted Domain (PG, Drabble, Bobby): A different hunter, a different world.
Ways To Get It Wrong (PG, Drabbles, Dean, John): Too many unexpected tests in life.
Diluting Memories (PG, Drabble Dean, mild Het): It took a long time, getting over her...
With Hungry Eyes (PG, Drabble, ?): Something watches Sam, and waits.
Someone Else's War (PG, Drabble, Sam): He doesn't love it like they do...

Supernatural Slash:
Absolutely, In No Way, Obsessed (NC-17, Wincest PWP): Have you noticed Dean's mouth? Sam sure has...
Daydreaming In The Dark (NC-17, one-sided Wincest): Sam watches over Dean and imagines him with someone else entirely...
All The Right Moves (R, Porn-Drabble, Wincest): PWP, again featuring Dean's mouth.

Prison Break Gen:
Unwanted Bag-gage (PG, Lincoln, Michael, T-Bag, Humor): The one person Michael never plans for just keeps on showing up.
As Opposites Balance (PG, Lincoln and Michael): They're nothing alike, but somehow balances lies between them.
A Profile Of Seduction (PG-13, Kellerman, Crack Humor): He has plans to win Sara over, detailed obsessive plans (for the PB Fic Exchange).
The Unconquerable Land (PG-13, Kellerman/Reynolds): He used to love her... (for the PB Fic Exchange).
Deadly Secrets (PG-13, Mahone, Angst): In that garden, his secret was just waiting to be discovered.
Recipe For Disaster (PG, kid!Fluff): Mom's gone, and the trouble makes itself.

NO Prison Break Slash this month. :(

Tags: monthly_fic_list

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