The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Taxes are done! Yaaaaay!

Never gone down to the wire like this before, but I finished yesterday and mailed off last night. Amended returns for 2005 (a very important part of the W-2 did not get electronically sucked up into TurboTax last year, and the IRS informed me of that a few weeks ago. Yark). Payment for boo-boo on last year. Returns for 2006.

My printer and brain were busy this weekend. And a few stories got posted, in between. ;)

Went for a ride last week, where a big, fuzzy bee (mostly black, a little yellow) crashed into my sleeve. BUT, it hit back-first, and fell off harmlessly without stinging me. Suxxors! Yay!
Rode yesterday, and had to overtake someone who'd passed me (there are funky implications to that). She got in front of me, and immediately began to ride at my speed (hey, happens to me too-- especially uphill or in the wind. I overestimate myself). I kept waiting for her to pull ahead, but instead I nearly rear-ended her in a couple of corners where she stopped pedalling and coasted in a bunch of turns! Gah! Finally passed her (I had at least 15 more miles on my trip left), and didn't see her again, so good call.

There are too many idiots on the bike path who walk abreast ON the path. Hello? Do they jog on the freeway? There were tons of those people yesterday, including a pair of dufuses who walked each IN THE MIDDLE of one of the two lanes. Because, I dunno, if they were closer together people might think they were GEY or something (guys are idiots like this-- ever seen them sit in a movie theatre with seat between them, in case people Get Ideas?). One of them got stranded between me coming up behind him and another guy head-on, and he stopped and covered his eyes. Okaaaay... When I came back on the return, they were still walking that way! Because apparently, they do not learn. :#

The Gym:
Back into lifting weights again (stopped for awhile), because my dead metabolism got deader, and because my arms get really tired on those 30-mile rides. Plus, I have to cross-train because I can't sit on the bike every day. My butt is weak too. ;)

In the karmic balance, I forgot my towel and washcloth yet again. Fortunately, I have an enormous supply of clean socks in my gym bag.

New motto: Drying off with a sock is still less pathetic than being wet or sweaty. No, really.

Ficcing: Got cracking on my family_secret story, which is going well except that I'd probably prefer it to be a 900-word story (the initial draft would have hit that) and not the whatever-comes-of-meeting-the-1K-minimum. Some stories just want to be what they want to be, you know? Mine usually want to be short. Thank god I did not remotely consider signing up for the 20K Big Bang (Hi, clex_monkie89! Hi, plutogirl10!) I know myself too well.

So, tonight: new "House, M.D." Who will almost die this week? How many tries will it take before House rescues them instead of making things worse? Takers?

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