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Ramblings of the Nervous

First, I must be one of the few SPN fans not flailing over the photos of Jensen's appearance for 10 Inch Hero. The redneck-beard thing and the piercings are a huge turnoff to me. I'm feeling cut off from the squeeage! Does look like he might be playing a character role, though, and I'm kind of a sucker for those.

Second, this week's House M.D.:
I've really hated the Chase/Cameron subplot, so I hope that's over. I just don't believe in that characterization of Cameron (who has not only been timid and feeling-oriented, she's demonstrated that it's a fundamental part of her makeup). The bossy anytime-anywhere behavior just seems like an entirely different character, and you all know how much OOC (even especially in canon) peeves me.

Hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold subplot kind of crept up on me, even though it's a cliche. But Wilson, must you be such a damn idiot? Honestly.

I was once again out of the room for one of the best parts, namely House assembling his pseudo-panel on the airplane to replicate his ducklings for diagnostic brainstorming. What I saw afterward was great though-- that only the kid was eager to play along, and the other two never stopped thinking House was out of his mind. Now that's realistic. :)

As for certain other aspects of this week's show... you know, I'm firmly aware that House is an ass. Every week. And I don't fantasize about him changing or anything like that, and I don't regularly think of him as hot (except sometimes when those blue eyes are filling the screen and there's that pathos-- gets me every time!). But this week, when he was literally trying to get into Cuddy's pants, damn! Down, hormones, down! We've talked about this before, and you agreed to behave yourselves!

Prison Break despair:
I'm worried. :(

I've been fighting this for most of Season 2, and the final episode didn't help at all. My love for the show is almost entirely dead right now, and *sigh*. I've got challenge tables that are only 1/3 filled out, I've got two comms I manage, and mostly what I feel is guilt. :(

Most of the Gen readers have up and left the fandom-- posting up Gen stories is often like shouting into the void. It's gotten harder and harder to write for this series (used to be so easy for me, but now...), and the lack of audience makes it even harder.

I want to love this show again. I want to be inspired to at least finish the philosophy_20 claim for it! But... I don't know.

I'm not feeling good about any of this, and I'm just sorry. :( And I know you don't want to hear that.

Meanwhile, I need to get scraping on the Supernatural writing because there's a Sweet Charity story to be written, some challenges, and two birthday girls coming up (Hi, clex_monkie89! Hi, maygra!) and I don't want to fall down on that job. Send me good vibes, please. :)

And now? Off to bike in a veritable windstorm. :( With a Breath-Rite strapped to my nose (hey, at least I'm at my house. I'm too embarrassed to do that from the office). :0
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