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Back from Beyond...

As you probably guessed from the fic-spammage, we're back.

I wrote very little while at Disneyland, except for some drabbles and Prison Break M/L porn for Smidgy's birthday. Yay, porn!

We had a great time overall this vacation. The trip down was uneventful except for the cattle farms along parts of I-5 where it's like driving through an open sewer. My god—the stink is 3D, and it just goes on and on! It gets inside the car, no matter what. :0

We went on a lot of rides, Christopher's favorite being "Thunder Mountain Railroad" and Lauren's being "California Screamin'" (a very large roller coast at California Adventure, next to Disneyland). We did virtually every ride except Small World and the canoe boats at Disneyland—except that Splash Mountain wasn't open, and what a disappointment! That one's my favorite.

George got a handicapped pass, which helped, but his arthritic hip was trashed within the first day. Really should have rented a wheelchair for him, but he's stubborn and although the sitting is better than standing, it puts a different kind of pressure on his hip that builds up painfully too. :( I was good until day 2, when something in my foot arch felt like it tore. Urk. When will the plantar fasciitus be completely gone? WHEN?

We saw Clarabelle Cow in Toon Town (a first for our family), and noticed that Donald Duck has never been out and about at Disneyland any of the 4 times we've all gone. Seems kind of odd to me. The kids' favorites, in any case, are Chip and Dale—because they're so immensely cute. And cuddly. Christopher wants you to know that.

Met some lovely Aussie ladies on Day one. I love Aussies. They're so good-natured, and they like to do just about everything. Really, they're like fun waiting to happen. I want to be like that!

The whole family went on the Tower of Terror over at California Adventure, including me—because I lost my mind. It has successive drops that culminate in a 6-story plunge at one point, and the ride-car keeps shooting back up higher and higher. *Groooooooans* You know, the one thing I really hate (other than being stuck upside down at great heights) is free-falling more than a short distance. Geez-- I experience that regularly in my dreams as it is. So, I'd planned not to go on it, because that is exactly the kind of ride I hate. HATE. But when our turn came up, I thought, What the hell. So we went on it, and I was ready for it to be over 1/3 of the way through the ride. I survived, but my hands were sweaty and shaking, and I was full of excess adrenaline. :( Should have listened to myself!

Here's the worst part: the details of the awfulness have already faded, so if I forget the part where I hated it, I might do something similarly stupid in the future. Gah!

No fireworks, no late nights (my son is incredibly rigid about his bedtime, and when Christopher's unhappy everyone in his vicinity has to be unhappy too). There was a surprising amount of bitching going on, but then, that's Christopher. Grrrr. Virtually every vacation is a coping exercise for the family regarding his constant bitching and contrariness. If he were an only child, we would never go anywhere, I swear.

Sunday was all tied up, because after the Easter Bunny festivities my parents came for a visit, and we don't do much when they're here. They like to sit, sit, sit, sit, and I do not like it—not one little bit. The conversation was great, their needing to have one of them holding the dog's leash the entire time they were there (in our house, mind you, where dogs do not go)… not so much.

They left around 5pm, so off for a bike ride outdoors! Yay! It had been a whole week. And then mad, mad writing to get gekizetsu's (Barb's) birthday fic ready. Whoo!

So, I'm back and I’m writing again (lots of Supernatural and birthday deadlines coming up).

This week's winning email spam: perishable swank
You know, I never did have much swank, but this certainly explains why it doesn't last!

Did you miss me, or were you secretly glad to be free of my blather? ;)

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