The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Supernatural Gen Drabbles: Death by Repetition

Title: Death by Repetition
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam and Dean (Gen, Humor)
Rating: PG
Summary: Ghost-hunting isn't all slime and glamor, not by a long shot…
Author's Notes: For the "Routine Maintenance" challenge at supernatural100.


Dean's outside the door again. "Sam, are you living in there now, or what?"

Sam spits into the sink and opens the door, giving Dean the full benefit of his froth-covered mouth. "I'm brushing my teeth, Dean. Is there a problem?"

"For the last half hour! Geez, be done with it already!"

"We don't have regular checkups, Dean. We can't be getting cavities that turn into root canals or crowns—God knows who we'd go to, some of the places we've been."

Dean crowds into the bathroom right as Sam reaches for the dental floss.


"Told you..."

"Bite me."

"Flip you for it."

"Let's both just go. It's not like anything's happening out here in the car, Dean."

They grab the duffle bags and jelly jar of change from the trunk.

"I hate these places."

"We all do, Dean. It's either this, or find an apartment. What do you say?"

"Not on your life."

They stake out their machines, Dean loading the washers while Sam buys detergent. Minutes later they're in plastic butt-buckets flipping through magazines.

"Sucker's gonna eat another sock, I can feel it."

"Lift the lid and do an exorcism, why don't you?"

"Ha-ha. Ooh—horoscopes."


Miles of Aisles
"Get the blue kind."

"They're pretzels, Dean. What does it matter?"

"I always get the blue ones."

"Store brand is cheaper."

Paper towels, rubbing-alcohol, pickles—

"We don't need pickles. Put them back."

… first-aid tape and gauze, apples—

"A whole bag? C'mon, Dean, focus."

"Dude, I'm hungry! Stop grabbing the food away."

… a big container of drinking water…

"Matches. We need a bunch of booklets."

"And candles. A couple of lighters, too."

… duct tape, beef jerky, string, a candy bar…

"So we don't look psycho."

"Too late. Wait—get me one too."

"Bitch-bites or Wookie-cookie?"


"Bitch-bites it is."

-------- fin -------

Tags: drabbles, humor, my_fic, sn_gen

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