The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Music Meme and drive-by rec

First, a rec for pheebs1's hilarious That's Mr. Pointy To You. Dean as a spork! A rather pranktastic spork at that. And Sam taunting spork!Dean with his driving style! There's more, but it's all funnier than I can describe. Go read, and while you're there congratulate pheebs on her birthday yesterday while she's in LJ contact!

And now, the "Your username as a fanmix" meme gakked from moveablehistory and a bunch of others.

You know, I really love my username. But it is relatively useless for a meme like this. Where are the M's? The J's and K's? I could use at least one R, and not quite so many Ls and Es. Something more like meterjokingrascals. That would work better. Okay, enough whining. *Ahem*:

H-- Hindemith "Mathis der Mahler" Symphony, Trauermusik, and Viola Sonata Op. 11, No. 4
A-- Aerosmith, Dream On
L-- Led Zeppelin, virtually everything except "In the Out Door"
F-- Firebird Suite and a bunch of other stuff by Igor Stravinsky
S-- Shostakovich, Symphony #11, Symphony #6, String Quartet #8
H-- Home (and Mudshovel) by Staind
E-- ELO, albums 2-7. My guilty pleasure that I hardly ever mention. Or listen to, these days
L-- Leos Janacek, "On the Overgrown Path", Sinfonietta, Lachian Dances
L-- Live Through This (the whole album) by Hole
V-- Vladimir Horowitz playing Beethoven's Pathetique, Appassionata, and Moonlight piano sonatas
E-- Everything on Concentration, by Machines of Loving Grace
N-- Nirvana, "In Utero" (yes, the whole album)
U-- Down on the Upside, by Soundgarden
S-- Stone Temple Pilots, the Purple album plus other random selections

Yes, there was some cheating. Damn, this was hard enough already! I don't like Enya enough to use that second "E" for them, and where-oh-where is the "M" for Martinu, Maurice Ravel, Machines of Loving Grace, "Monster" by R.E.M. and all the other M's I need?

Tags: music, recs

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