The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Final Voting Today for Prison Break Fanfic Awards

Just a reminder, today's the last day to cast your vote in the Prison Break Fanfic Awards. A number of people on my f-list are counting on the outcome of the awards... and heaven knows, I'd like to see actual slash win the Slash Awards nominations.

Over at the Prison Break Fic Exchange, all the stories have been posted and the Author Reveal is coming up Wednesday. Great assortment of stories covering many characters and many approaches-- Gen, Drama, Angst, Romance, Het, Slash, Humor, Crack. Take a peek!

I haven't forgotten my Supernatural Love in the meantime, and hope to getting more than drabbles up soon. I'm pretty sure I have a fic deadline coming up, like, today? (ulp!) for something in SPN. And two lovely prompt tables to work from, plus all my half-started stuff. :0

Someday I'll recc kids' books (no, seriously) on here. I'm in the middle of reading Fergus Crane to my son at bedtime, which appears to be set in a 1900s-like timeframe and involves the title character having adventures (what else?). He's enrolled at the "School Ship Betty Jeanne," along with only 4 other students all of whom met the requirements for being "agile, athletic, good at squeezing through small spaces." They work on "Potholing for Beginners" (still don't know what or why that is yet), and Gym class frequently involves Tunneling Exercises, which are tunneling through various paths into the hold and coming up elsewhere on the ship. The ship appears to be run by former pirates, but the students are as yet unaware. Meanwhile, the chapters all begin with pictures of various dejected-looking fish on bicycles, which cracks my son up bigtime.

This week's Prison Break: Michael gets dumber, Lincoln gets hotter, and T-Bag gets yet more homicidal. Wait, that's pretty much every week. No spoilers needed!

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