The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Monday Monday, Dah-daaaah dah-dah-dah, Monday Monday...

Hope everyone's weekend was good (except for those of you who haven't returned your PBFE stories yet! *Tsk-tsk*

If you haven't already checked out this piece of tongue-in-cheek hilarity that I posted last Friday, well... why not? Worth a chuckle.

Because of problems with the Slash voting issues at the Prison Break Fanfic Awards, there's a revote for "Best Slash fic" prior to the rest of Round 2. If you haven't voted there, please do so now. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any move to fix the "Best Slash Author" category. That, for reasons unknown to me, was listed instead as "Best Author Of A Slash Piece," which is a whole different ball of wax (and inappropriate, in my view). So I believe we are down to me vs. a very well-loved author of a not-slash Threesome fic, and someone who has never written Slash yet. Still grumbling over that-- many of you on my f-list have written PB Slash and were in the first-round nominations. I really expected to see all three finalists in that category actually be Slash authors (i.e., those who regularly write slash). :(

I'm posting up the stories day-by-day at the Prison Break Fic Exchange for Round 4. Some great stuff already-- take a look if you haven't!

The rest of the weekend, other than that, was remaining G.S. cookie delivery, more biking, Christopher's last "official" basketball game (fantastic team. Undefeated, even though they don't keep score at his age).

And on Sunday, I went jogging in the too-hot weather. aeroport_art is going to call me a wimp, but over 72-degrees starts to get hot to me, until I acclimate. Clearly not there yet. Because my husband was gone, I had to have the kids accompany me on their bikes. Lauren didn't think she could make it 3+ miles (was very pleased with herself when she did). The experience was more aggravation than recreation. When I did that alone with Christopher, it was "yak-yak-yak-yak-Hey Mama!-yak-yak-yak" because he Never.Stops.Talking. Gah! With the two of them, it was:
  "nyeh-nyeh-nyeh" "Stop" "nyeh-nyeh-nyeh" "Sto-o-op!" "nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-- " "Christophe-e-e-r!"

Yeah. Whoo. _o_ (no victory arms on that one)

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