The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's Saturday-ay-ay-ay

Went for a long bike ride today on the bike path... without my helmet, which I never do. The helmet is always with the bike, which I put into the car just last night, and when I opened the car up near the path's entrance... no helmet. :0

I have visions of it lying in the office parking lot, perhaps with tire-tracks on it.

I think I have a shopping trip in my future. :(

Biking Yay: Blossoms, nice weather (70-degrees)
Nay: Bees (you know my problems with them), squirrel mating season arrives soon (!), and... tree fuzz is starting up. Breathing that stuff is murder.


Found this yesterday in winterlive's journal. Hilarious and CrackTastic. Suxx0rs beware!


For Sam/Dean fans who might have read my Daydreaming In The Dark (NC-17) (one-sided Slash) last week, the lovely tyrical wrote an alternate view piece of it here. PG-13 (language), and you could let yourself imagine anyone you like as the subject.


Lastly, my husband's off to Yosemite tomorrow for a short, yearly business trip, and I expect big fat moodiness around the house while I chew fingernails about the quantity of fics I have yet to see for the Prison Break Fic Exchange (and madly try to write all the PB Fic I can while I'm in the mood, since Season 2 has killed the muse nearly dead)!

Tags: cycling

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