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09 March 2007 @ 02:17 pm
What I Wrote In January And February  
See, it's so late that I had to do two months at once! It also includs a couple of stories actually written in December for Prison Break, but which had to remain hidden until we were done with the Prison Break Fic Exchange author-reveal.

So by fandom and sub-type, here goes:

Supernatural Gen
Cheap Thrills (PG)-- hilarious coda to "Houses of the Holy" feature the Magic Fingers Bed.
Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow (PG-13)-- angsty Dean piece covering hope, fear, questions over time.
Bedside Manners (PG)-- Sam and Dean taking care of each other through the years. Heartwarming. :)
Living Outside The Lines (PG)-- 1-sentence story arc (the Gen set) for 1fandom
* drabbles *
Stasis (PG)-- Angsty Dean drabble for "Gift Horse" challenge.
Choosing The Moment (PG)-- Angsty John drabble for "The Harder They Fall" challenge.
Locked Down (PG)-- "Cabin Fever" drabbles, include snarky John.
Changeable As The Weather (PG)-- a series of "Rain" drabbles. Peaceful.
A Chance To Stop Running-- "Possession" drabble.

Supernatural Slash
Sweet Hearts (NC-17)-- post-Valentine's Day smut/schmoop for mooyoo's and winterlive's shared birthday.
I Heart You, Bitch (R/NC-17)-- Sam/Dean go "all the way" for the first time in this story for spn_vday.
There's No Afterglow For Something That Officially Never Happened (R)-- infamous follow-on to eighth_horizon's Pillow Talk.
This Continuation Of Forever (PG-13)-- Wincest 1-sentence story arc for 1fandom.
All Wrapped Up In You (NC-17)-- Sam/Dean for spn_christmas, hot and sweet all at once.
* drabble*
Leaving Marks (PG-13)-- Wincest "Possession" drabble. Dark.

Supernatural Het
The Secret Language Of Strangers (PG-13)-- Dean/OFC character, atmospheric PWP. My only real SPN het ever!

Prison Break Gen
Learned At The Cradle, Forged In The Heart (PG)-- Lincoln and Michael Gen, brotherhood and loyalty through the years.
Uncoding Michael (PG)-- Sara piece with hints of romance, and all that Michael demands and expects that is far too much.
Compadres (PG)-- Michael and Sucre Gen, friendship piece for PB Fic Exchange 3.
Parables Written In Blood (PG-13 to R)-- really good 5-part T-Bag arc that no-one will read. I promise it isn't that graphic. :0

Prison Break Slash
Nothing To Hold Onto (PG-13)-- One-sided M/L slash, where Michael wants more than Lincoln can give.
Icicle Palace (R)-- Michael/Lincoln story of taboo, desperation and interdependence for PB Fic Exchange 3.

Some stepping outside my box, obviously, but the downside is that regular readers are afraid of it. T-Bag seemed to scare T-Bag lovers and Gen readers alike, SPN Het scared almost everyone, and hardly anyone on my f-list would read the Sara fic (too afraid it was shippy if they were slashers, and I think too afraid it wasn't if they were shippy).

But, then again... stretching yourself is good for the sake of doing it, even if there's not a lot of audience for stepping "off brand." ;)

aeroport_art: I ♥ youaeroport_art on March 10th, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)
Hurrah! You're easily one of the most admirable authors in the fandoms because you write so thoughtfully, and it's clearly for yourself/the characters, other than for what audience you can drum up. <3
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Venushalfshellvenus on March 15th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
and it's clearly for yourself/the characters, other than for what audience you can drum up. <3
:D That's pretty much true!

If Pope grabs ahold of me for some reason, I feel compelled to write him even though he's not a popular read (but oh how I love him).

And the SPN Het was kind of a writing experiment, but half of the experience was the narrative style (more Southern than Western) and the outsider POV, moreso than the Het as it turned out. Just kind of followed it where it wanted to go.

Boy, if I were writing for an audience all the time, it would now be restricted to all-SPN (rotating between smut, angst, humor and weeChesters), with the occasional Michael/Lincoln smut thrown in. The Prison Break Gen audience is so small these days, though it has some loyal lovers for sure (and new writers all the time). But damn if there isn't precious little outside the shippiness in the fandom now. :0
aeroport_art: aeroport_art on March 15th, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)
Yeah, PB was an interesting fandom experience for me... kinda like the segue between Harry/Draco (which I was firmly entrenched in for like, Six YEARS) and SPN. And PB totally broke the writing ice for me too; since the HP fandom's so huge, I never felt like I had anything new to add.

Aww, Prison Break. RIP. *pets gravestone fondly* If only the show was better! With more interesting/lovable characters!! Who knows, maybe next season? They could use some new blood. Or more LJ stuff, that kid's cute.