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What I Wrote In January And February

See, it's so late that I had to do two months at once! It also includs a couple of stories actually written in December for Prison Break, but which had to remain hidden until we were done with the Prison Break Fic Exchange author-reveal.

So by fandom and sub-type, here goes:

Supernatural Gen
Cheap Thrills (PG)-- hilarious coda to "Houses of the Holy" feature the Magic Fingers Bed.
Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow (PG-13)-- angsty Dean piece covering hope, fear, questions over time.
Bedside Manners (PG)-- Sam and Dean taking care of each other through the years. Heartwarming. :)
Living Outside The Lines (PG)-- 1-sentence story arc (the Gen set) for 1fandom
* drabbles *
Stasis (PG)-- Angsty Dean drabble for "Gift Horse" challenge.
Choosing The Moment (PG)-- Angsty John drabble for "The Harder They Fall" challenge.
Locked Down (PG)-- "Cabin Fever" drabbles, include snarky John.
Changeable As The Weather (PG)-- a series of "Rain" drabbles. Peaceful.
A Chance To Stop Running-- "Possession" drabble.

Supernatural Slash
Sweet Hearts (NC-17)-- post-Valentine's Day smut/schmoop for mooyoo's and winterlive's shared birthday.
I Heart You, Bitch (R/NC-17)-- Sam/Dean go "all the way" for the first time in this story for spn_vday.
There's No Afterglow For Something That Officially Never Happened (R)-- infamous follow-on to eighth_horizon's Pillow Talk.
This Continuation Of Forever (PG-13)-- Wincest 1-sentence story arc for 1fandom.
All Wrapped Up In You (NC-17)-- Sam/Dean for spn_christmas, hot and sweet all at once.
* drabble*
Leaving Marks (PG-13)-- Wincest "Possession" drabble. Dark.

Supernatural Het
The Secret Language Of Strangers (PG-13)-- Dean/OFC character, atmospheric PWP. My only real SPN het ever!

Prison Break Gen
Learned At The Cradle, Forged In The Heart (PG)-- Lincoln and Michael Gen, brotherhood and loyalty through the years.
Uncoding Michael (PG)-- Sara piece with hints of romance, and all that Michael demands and expects that is far too much.
Compadres (PG)-- Michael and Sucre Gen, friendship piece for PB Fic Exchange 3.
Parables Written In Blood (PG-13 to R)-- really good 5-part T-Bag arc that no-one will read. I promise it isn't that graphic. :0

Prison Break Slash
Nothing To Hold Onto (PG-13)-- One-sided M/L slash, where Michael wants more than Lincoln can give.
Icicle Palace (R)-- Michael/Lincoln story of taboo, desperation and interdependence for PB Fic Exchange 3.

Some stepping outside my box, obviously, but the downside is that regular readers are afraid of it. T-Bag seemed to scare T-Bag lovers and Gen readers alike, SPN Het scared almost everyone, and hardly anyone on my f-list would read the Sara fic (too afraid it was shippy if they were slashers, and I think too afraid it wasn't if they were shippy).

But, then again... stretching yourself is good for the sake of doing it, even if there's not a lot of audience for stepping "off brand." ;)

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