The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Presents From Thelana, and Friday Ramblings

May be kind of a spammy day, if I get my Meme-ing act together....

First, I got a package from thelana last night! "John Doe" Season 1, and "Northshore" (also with Dominic Purcell), and a gorgeous postcard of the palace in Vienna.

But the fabulously unexpected part of it was a 10-cent Euro coin with Botticelli's Venus on the back! \o/ I don't know how she came across that, but I was thrilled to get it. Scroll down to the E 0.10 display here to see it. Thank you, thelana! *huggles*

That definitely helped the mood of the fallout from the Prison Break Fanfic Awards nominations. I had a number of stories nominated there (many in competition with each other, I'm afraid), and very few made the cut. In the main, four authors really dominated the awards, and it looks as if Gen really took a downturn in general. Even the non-Michael/Sara categories seemed to be mainly M/S works. :( I'd at least hoped that Penguin Break would make it to the final round on "Humor/Crack" (because you all know I don't do Crack very often), even though it wouldn't win. But! ferrynheit's Good Therapy is there, which is a huge relief. Absolutely one of the funniest things I've seen ever in fanfic. aeroport_art has a Slash piece in the finals, alazysod has a couple of pieces up, as does badboy_fangirl (American Outlaw). miss_mandy's "Vivid" from the last PB Fic Exchange is in the finals for Best Villain (Haywire). gatheringlight has a Lincoln/Veronica piece up that I nominated! Whoo!

Don't let me get started on the "PR" and political aspects of it all. :( Let's just say that, although I'm sure the authors themselves had nothing to do with it, having a bigger cadre really affects the voting process. The number of "Slash" votes for non-slash writers, well... Best left unsaid.

Okay! On the plus side, I am now amused becase a co-worker just came by to discuss a Customer that wants to do a Feature-Rich implementation on several Feature-Free products! Whoo! We had a good chuckle about that one.

AND... a beatiful Venus coin waits by my home computer, where it will make me smile everytime I see it. ♥

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