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PrisonBreak100: Dreams and Strategies

Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Lincoln and Michael (Gen)
Prompt: #79, “When”
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Written for the prisonbreak100 fanfic challenge, where I have the Genfic pairing of Lincoln and Michael.


When they get out, Lincoln thinks he could begin to live again. He tries not to collect too many hopes, too many plans, but there are things… experiences he craves.

He wants to take a shower—alone—and let it run until the heat is gone. He will use real soap and nice-smelling shampoo, and scrub until the taint of prison is gone. He will wear clean clothes, stylish clothes, with leather shoes and a belt. He will wear silk underwear—at least for the first week—and enjoy the feel of smooth softness against his skin, the way skin was meant to be treated. He will let his hair grow out, finally, once it can no longer be used to grab onto or to mark him as too handsome to overlook.

He will run on a beach barefoot, for miles if he can make it, feeling the sun and the air and the feel of sand between his toes. He will spin and raise his arms to the heavens and taste freedom on the salted breeze.

He will bed the first pretty girl who will let him, and let it last all night long. And on a different night he will get completely drunk, pouring back the shots until he forgets a little of the last five years.

And most of all, he will try to make Michael happy in a way he hasn’t been since before Lincoln first left home. He will talk to him, in full sentences, and hug him and thank him. He will tease him and make him laugh until he remembers that smiles are meant to break free.

Michael, of course, has been thinking about this whole thing for months.

When they get out, he has to get them out of the country, and make connection with their fake IDs before they reach their final destination. He needs their disguises ready, and their separate routes so they won’t be recognized, and a rented house in a cheap country where no-one will look for them and no-one will care. He needs their money from the offshore bank he stashed it in, and a way to keep tabs on whether they’re being hunted and whether Lincoln’s conviction has been overturned.

He has to get used to the idea that their new home, for a very long time, might be in some remote village where he doesn’t really speak the language and where his intelligence and skills won’t be of much interest to anyone. And where he’ll have to keep an eye on Lincoln, in case he gets the urge to bolt or to draw attention down upon them, and that he’ll have to be careful enough about it that Lincoln doesn’t get pissed off and resentful.

When they get out it will be a whole new life for Michael, maybe forever, and he’s not sure it’s the life he would choose except that it will be the one where his brother is alive and the two of them are together.

When they get out… maybe at last, after everything has settled down, Michael will be able to breathe again.

-------- fin --------

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Tags: ml_gen, my_fic, pb_gen, prisonbreak100
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