The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

SPN_25 Pimp and other news

First, Supernatural writers, if you haven't checked out the prompt tables at spn_25, you really should. There are now eight of them (I added one last night), and they include one for Romance and one for Sexin', not to mention thinky themes for Supernatural as a whole.

Only 25 stories to write, and more than one person can claim a table. Try it, you'll like it. :)

In RL news, my Guitar Hero dreams (and most of my alone time) have been put on hold because of construction at my house. We've removed a wall to convert a bedroom into a family room, and pocket doors are being added and a closet moved and wood paneling removed and re-added. To summarize: there are people in my house all the time now-- if it's not the kids, it's construction people.

The ongoing RL aspect that is that has been taking its toll for awhile is my Mother-in-law's health. She went into a convalescent home in January after breaking her hip and shoulder in a fall, and then mid-February she fell in the convalescent home and broke her other hip and a wrist. She had surgery on her hips, which went much better than we'd feared (they used an epidural anaesthetic, which was a huge relief, as she's 86).

She's back in the convalescent home, and her physical recuperation is going really well. But other side-effects are creeping in that she has never had before, and they're very emotionally hard for her children to deal with. The main thing is that she has Sundowning syndrome, where as the evening comes on she gets agitated and paranoid and confused. She doesn't remember why she's in the convalescent home, she wants to go home, she's distrustful. :( I just Googled this term, and it's usually associated with Alzheimer's or dementia, and that's even scarier.

My husband has to keep going down there-- sometimes starting around dinner time, other nights it's 10-11 pm. This is very upsetting for him and his siblings-- it's like a preview of something the don't want to happen to her (because we are certainly all hoping that it isn't really happening right now, i.e. that it's temporary and not a permanent change for her.

*Sigh* So, if it seems like I'm coming and going more than usual, that's partly why. And yes, that's a big reason my SPN Valentine's fic didn't make the deadline. My husband had to keep leaving, and someone has to be with the kids, so... Fortunately, they don't know the current state of things, and I hope that it blows over soon.

On the side of gratitude, my husband destroyed his hip about 10 years ago, and his recuperation and pain were just hellacious. He wasn't allowed to put weight on it (with the walker) for 4 weeks minimum. My M-I-L has been walking short distances since 2 weeks post-op, and has nothing like that level of pain. So that is a huge relief.

Okay, sorry for all the sad news. I usually don't post this kind of stuff, but then-- we usually don't have problems like this that last more than a week or two.

Off to look at the weather chart for biking, and hope that picks up my mood...

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