The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

My spn_25 Supernatural Slash Table

I created the spn_25 community yesterday, and because I'm the mod I get to lay first claim on one of the writing tables!

I've already got the Switch 25 table that my f-list helped me create yesterday, and I'm going to keep that one for Gen. So I give you my Supernatural Slash table:

01.Touch (NC-17) 06.Wait (R) 11.Silk (NC-17) 16.Love 21.Summer
02.Tease (R) 07.Want 12.Slip 07.Mystery 22.Lips (NC-17)
03.Taste (R) 08.Whisper 13.Fantasy (NC-17) 18.Mine (NC-17) 23.Belong
04.Trouble 09.Heat (NC-17) 14.Forbidden (R) 19.Slick (NC-17) 24.Innocence
05.Temptation (NC-17) 10.Hard 15.Fall (NC-17) 20.Shiver (NC-17) 25.Longing (NC-17)

And the first story has been written already and awaits polishing. Off to a good start!

Tags: sn_slash, spn_25, wincest

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