The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Pile On The SPN Prompts!

Yes, I'm bored today. I've got cantankerous hardware at my desk (had to remember to spell it out and not write HW like I usually do), I just dialed the "0" operator onsite to talk to "Lost and Found" and got connected to Corporate and routed to the wrong site and then had to leave a message at what I hoped was OUR site, and... the week has been blah.

Let's perk things up. I could use some SPN writing inspiration. I've got all these unfinished Prison Break thingies in my head (that's new), but no real SPN challenges on the horizon.

So I'm thinking to do the "Switch 25" thing that jeyhawk mentioned last week.

"Switch 25" uses prompts supplied by OTHER PEOPLE that you put into a table to write against. She had some great ones, and I thought, instead of trading with a single person, why not open this up to the F-list?

So, in the comments below, please suggest your at-most 2 prompts for Supernatural, and I'll get a table together and see if I can't get cracking.

UPDATE for clarification: Less is more, people. A 1-word prompt, more evocative than directive. Such as, "Fire" or "Spirit" or "Reversal" and the like. ;)

Update: I've got them! Thank you, everyone! And... this may be leading to something else entirely. Stay tuned...
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