The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Supernatural Poll Results Are In

Thanks to all of you participated in my Supernatural poll :D

From the answers and comments alone, I see that the Sam/Dean love is very strong, and that many of you also feel as I do that Jensen/Jared are an OTP to the point where we would almost rather watch them together than get some action ourselves!

And lots of people miss John...


In other news, my Prison Break Fic Exchange story is done. DONE. I am soooo relieved. Now I'll ponder the title into the ground...

How's yours coming, if you're participating? Plz hurry!


Phase One voting for the Prison Break Fanfic Awards to narrow down has begun, and continues through March 7th. Please make your mark!

Thanks so much to all of you kind people who nominated me and/or my stories. I was thrilled with the nominations-- which included all my humor-ish pieces (! Even Agent Kim) and all the crossovers!

I was also secretly pleased to see how many of the nominated stories were from this last round of the Prison Break Fic Exchange-- partly because it gives truth to the idea that such challenges can bring out some of our best writing! I personally nominated 3 stories from that round, and there were so many others!


What's everyone got planned for the weekend? We will be babysitter free again *thud*, and I'm hoping my husband's Mom has no crises forthcoming. Last weekend was a mixed bag...

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