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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The weekend, the spoilers, the rambling. What else is new?

I survived 4 days with the kids, and no babysitter for a date (which happens EVERY holiday weekend, and kind of makes me nuts). We haven't had a date in a month due to the babysitter getting a job that will be resume-meaningful later, so I have a new project to work on. :(

Saw Freaky Friday this last weekend (the newer one). Better than I expected, though mainly for Jamie Lee Curtis and not Lindsay Lohan (bleh. I think her talent has been overestimated). I miss the "Boris" character from the book (there was a nod to him), but they've updated the story a little. I also found Chad Michael Murray kind of hot in that movie (his character was sweet), and now I feel all dirty and self-hating for it. :0

Monday's Prison Break:
I purely hate where the Sara/Michael thing is going (makes me go ook), but you all knew that.

Should I be disturbed that I was rooting (loudly) for Michael to run down Agent Kim with the car? I was beyond thrilled that he actually DID it! (Hi, alazysod! *waves* I totally thought of you during that scene). I also loved that Sara and Lincoln locked Kellerman out of the car during the getaway. Heh-heh.

On the bittersweet side, I so very much love Henry Pope, and this episode reminded me of all the characterization and emotional complexity we've lost in Season 2 vs. Season 1. This one is more of a thrill ride, but I very much liked the character/drama aspect of Season 1, and it really isn't here anymore.

Supernatural Tall Tales:
Such a fun episode, though more cartoonish than I expected. I love the alien detour very much (the slow-dancing under the disco ball was priceless). Dean ramming his mouth full of stuff until he looked like a gorilla was the first time the boy has been a turn-off to me. ;)

My love for Bobby grew in this episode, even though it really didn't seem appropriate to haul him all the way out there for something like this. Remember when the boys used to be smart in Season 1, and could figure stuff out? Yeah. Me too.

One thing I DID love, like all of you, was the wrestling on the bed scene. But not for the Wincesty-fantasies it could provoke (surprise!). Instead, what I loved (and probably shouldn't) was that rather than two highly-skilled hunters in hand-to-hand combat, we saw a pair of goofballs going at it like flailing four-year-olds. That just cracked me up-- mainly for the thought that sometimes, no matter how old we are and what we've learned, we still revert to our kid-selves at times. ;)

On the home front, my son had his extra baby tooth pulled yesterday. It was long and freakish, because the root doesn't dissolve when you pull it out. Ook.

And... my 9-year-old daughter has gone overboard with interrogating the Tooth Fairy. I was surprised the first time-- a very polite, "What is your name? How old are you? Please answer only if you want to."

Now we're down to "My name is ___. I am ____ years old. My birthdate is ____." and a few other questions I didn't even read, crouched in the hallway in the dark outside Christopher's room.

Well! Since Lauren had 2 teeth pulled herself a few weeks ago, there have been several Tooth Fairy visits. One from "Mirelle," who is 128. One from "Bisette," who is 97. And this last on from "Jondrel," who is 2-symbol-symbol years old.

So there. :)

Also? New Plastic!Winchester Theatre tonight! Yay!

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