The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

My Valentine's Day thingy is done (although I need more than 14 slots), and a drabble set is done. Now I just need to get cracking on that spn_vday story that I haven't started yet. Please to be sending your porn vibes my way-- I'm going to need them.

I posted up my latest Michael/Lincoln slash piece to, and discovered that it was my 100th Prison Break story! Whoo! Of course, the readership is low because I'm not writing the Mi/Sa stuff, but still-- that's a lot of fics. I'm at right around 100 on Supernatural too, though many of those are drabbles.

I watched most of "Wilde" yesterday in a new definition of personal hell: bicycling on a trackstand in the garage, using earphones to hear (most) of the dialogue and squinting at letterbox format on a 9-inch TV screen. Gah! Though to sum up: Jude Law is worth anyone making a fool of himself over, again and again and again. :)

At home, the contractor guys are gone, after a lot of banging to clear out a wall and put in a load-bearing beam. They couldn't come this morning, when I was swamped with errands. They had to be messing around this afternoon, when there were fics to write and Guitar Hero 2 to play with. :0 But... I'll be joining my little red guitar in just a few minutes. :D

Pimpage for The Supernatural Fanfic Awards. Nominations close on February 17th for this round, and there's not a lot of action over there. If you can think of some stories you'd like to nominate, ALL are fair game so long as they're below the NC-17 rating (which already bit me on that Demon/John story I wanted to nominate). Go forth and nominate, while you still can!
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