The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

All About Me (less crass than it sounds)

Hi! *waves*

I've never done the intro meme thing before, but there are a bunch of new friends joining (please feel free to chime in anytime, new and old friends), and this seems like a good time.

I am HalfshellVenus, here and on and The Sam/Dean Slash Archive, and HalfshellVenus1 on I have hair that vaguely resembles this Botticelli Venus in the icon, hence the name.

I'm 43 right now, I have 2 kids whom I talk about from time-to-time, and a wonderful husband.

I live in Northern California (the part that is scorching 8 months out of the year, rainy/foggy 3 months, and \o/ the other (not necessarily contiguous) month). I miss hiking like blazes since having kids, but my son (7 now) shows good signs of being my future hiking companion. I miss Oregon, which is where I grew up, and that'll come up around vacation time...

I get a little ranty from time-to-time in my journal, but in fact I'm very soft-hearted. You will probably forget that after you read something I wrote or recc'd that's either Cracked-out or angsty, but it's true. I have a huge weakness for other soft-hearted people (Hi, lissa_bear! Hi particlesofgale! Hi witchofthedogs! Hi jellicle!) because I "get" that personality, and at this late age it's pretty clear I can't change mine.

Though I love dark humor (and participate in it!) let's just say this: when I overhear my husband and his sister getting really dark, or my husband and one of MY sisters, I have to realize that I am the filter on why neither he nor my own family normally get that dark. So apparently, I'm still a cream puff. Who might either think the "Darwin Awards" listings are really funny or painfully tragic, depending on the details. Feel free to flee now if this scares you...

I used to have a career in classical music radio, and now I'm in software. I am kind of a music and math geek, and I can be a language geek as well even if I DO sometimes begin sentences with and, but, or, and all of those other forbidden things for effect and flow (and debate about it each time, which indicates that I'm kind of anal. Sorry). However, I will not bow to this newfangled spelling of "dilemna" that uses two m's, so there you have it. ;)

I write mainly Prison Break and Supernatural fanfic. It's about 50% brothercest in each fandom (easy to skip if you don't like that), and about 50% Gen (ditto for slash lovers). For Gen, I have written tons of the Prison Break characters (I think the only "main" character I've skipped is Tweener, but there's a reason for that), but not so many of the Supernatural characters (a few Johns, some John, Mary and Missouri in drabbles but that's it). I guess this just goes to show how different fandoms inspire different things in a person.

Um. Um-um-um. I struggle with my weight, thanks to bad metabolism and raging hunger and hypoglycemia, and thus I exercise a lot. There will be occasional posts about cycling, sometimes of the good and sometimes when things do not go as planned (the bee sting in the armpit last Spring comes readily to mind).

There's also a Guitar Hero game obsession going on, but that'll quiet down after awhile. Probably. ;)

That's all I can think of right now. Questions? Comments?

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