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Recs, and Reasons I Are Stupid Today

So, I stayed up WAY too late last night writing this sequel to eighth_horizon's fantastic Sam/Dean story, "Pillow Talk". Also worked on it this morning, and was late to work, but you know? It was thisClose to being finished, and I was dying to get it out there.

I haven't actually tried to write a sequel or different POV to anyone else's story, and it was a real challenge. My story wanted to keep veering off into porn, and it still needed to be a little oblique with the details to match the style of the original. Also, Barb's story has this lovely, sexy almost-innocence to the boys that I wanted to try to keep as much as I could. I kept going back and reading hers again and again to get that "feeling" back, and rewriting parts of mine to match the mood better. And yet, some parts just drift (not the least of which is that hers was wonderfully concise in language and description, and mine is wordy the way it often is). Hope she thinks the result is worthy, because it's a lot to offer, letting someone else riff off of your work. *is nervous*

Not too many people reading or posting today, which means my thick, slow head will mostly go unnoticed (except, sadly, at work). Nonetheless, I am sticking these recs out here for people to read:

Supernatural and J2 RPS
And Fools Shine On (Gen, PG-13) also by eighth_horizon. This is an incredible story (the kind that makes me wonder why I bother to write fanfic), so amazingly well-described and spun out. Dean visits Sam nightly, forever stuck on the other side of the salt line Sam has placed there. Only this is the thing wearing Dean's body, while the actual Dean is locked up inside a corner of himself trying to get out before he loses the last vestiges of his "being." Sam knows to be inside by dark it begins... Spooky, compelling, and awesome.

Out Of This Darkness (AU, Slash, Adult) by maygra. An absolutely amazing AU fic in a post-appocalyptic setting that is absolutely the Winchesters and which will haunt you with its depiction of battle, survival and most of all questions of a powerful and imperfect love. Stunning and so very thought-provoking. Note: This link is friendslocked, and you can find an open link here.

It's Not Hiding If Everyone Knows Where You Are (Gen, R) by apocalypsos. Another AU, post-zombies-destroyed-the-world, and no, it is not crack. It's a really good read, very rich and detailed and just a good Sam and Dean adventure all around.

Interesting Times (Gen, R) by apocalypsos. This one really intrigued me-- a series of alternate universes with alternate Sams, and Dean just wants to finally get back to the one who is his. The different facets of who Sam is, could be, could become are really striking.

The Structural Engineering Of Dean Winchester (Gen, PG) by missy_jack. You all know that missy_jack is hilarious, right? So this particular piece will probably feel crack-ish to a lot of people, but to me it was gold in the form of a meta-based abstraction of Dean Winchester. Yes, it's funny, but with so much substance. But yeah, it's okay if you just want to laugh at it, because that'll make missy_jack totally happy. :D

Origin Of The Species (Slash, R) by cathybites. Beautiful, lush and delicately simple progression of how Dean falls in love.

In This Moment (J-squared RPS, adult) by destina. This is gorgeous, tender and sweet, with such a lovely feeling of contentment at the end. Pushes all my schmoopy buttons.

Good Idea (J-squared RPS, R) by jasmasson. Funny, sweet and hot in turns, the dialogue and characterizations are to die for.

Prison Break (how did I not notice these all had Kellerman in them before missy_jack pointed it out? *pure coincidence. yes*)
Rogue Agents In Love! (Crack, Slash, PG-13?) by beeharbour. So, pamalax challenged people to write badfic for February, and beeharbour came up with this piece of Evil Genius that is hilarious and more Crack than anything, and you should totally read it if you haven't already because damn. She's playing Kellerman and Mahone off of each other in a reluctant slash setting, and that alone is comic gold.

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (Gen, PG-13) by msgenevieve for pbfic_exchange2. This is a Kellerman and Hale piece that covers their friendship from where it began through where it drifted and to its ultimate ending. Dark and fantastic, just like you'd expect.

Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Gen, PG-13) by coppala. Also for pbfic_exchange2, this is an angsty piece with Sara, Michael and Kellerman from Sara's POV, and this angry Sara is a wonder to behold.

Happy reading, one and all!

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