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When Guitars Take Over Your Life

So. Remember my new toy, Guitar Hero 2? Yeah, that was pretty much the weekend (between me and the kids). Not to mention a couple of late nights and a few slightly late days to work. ;)

I spent Monday "on tour" going up through 4 levels of songs until my right wrist was frozen. Back for more Monday night, where I discovered an Aerosmith song I'd never heard before. Whoo! And a song by Alice In Chains that I don't know and don't "get" musically, which drove me to try out an Iggy Pop song instead. I've always felt that Iggy Pop was kind of like the Plastic Ono Band. Everybody talks about him, but no-one really listens to his music. I've also gotten hooked on "Strutter" in just a week, and now I hate myself for liking a Kiss song, but there it is. Damn you, Guitar Hero!

"Last Child" by Aerosmith was last night's discovery, which has a riff that's highly remiscent of "Fame" but in general is snappy and a little bit funky. Makes me remember why I prefer it when Aerosmith is more like Led Zeppelin and (unpopular opinion alert!) less like Pop. "Love In An Elevator" might as well be by Van Halen, which is not a group I like.

I played it again Tuesday morning, and I got a cool Black dude guitarist I've never seen before. I don't think I did him justice in the first few tries, but by evening it was better. He vaguely looks like Jimi Hendrix but dresses fancier. However, the bouncy jumping up and down with the guitar is just wrong. More confidence, less bounce. :0 Still have yet to get Fat Lars as a guitarist, but perhaps he has to be purchased with Gig bucks.

The Spinal Tap song stayed in my head all of Saturday-- good pace to bike to outdoors.

My new manager confessed to me yesterday morning that he had caved over the weekend and bought Guitar Hero at Target after hearing me rave about it. \o/ I am the PUSHER! He's on the Easy Level still (I don't have the heart to tell him that my 9-year-old is pretty much rocking that level), and having a great time. My son persisted enough to make it through several songs on Easy, and in fact, both kids have learned something new about the value of practicing hard things until they get easier. This is a revelation for them both, Christopher because many things come easily to him and Lauren because in the past there has never been "learning." There is only "knowing" something and total failure! And if it isn't perfect right away, then she doesn't want to try. This is a major change for her.

In other news, my son does NOT need braces right away. We thought he had two upper front teeth reversed (oy-- what a problem that would have been), but instead the snaggly tooth we're seeing is simply an extra baby tooth. As soon as it gets pulled, there should be room for the others to come down where they belong. I welcome this bit of weirdness, especially compared to braces and trading tooth positions with guy wires and rubber bands.

My own teeth hurt right now, mainly the back molars. Can't tell if it's excessive grinding at night (I only do it in my sleep, which makes it hard to quit or gauge how serious it is), or because the teeth that will someday need crowns are a little closer to needing them right now. I had no idea what crowns were used for prior to my last dentist visit. I always thought it was for teeth that were half-rotten. No-one ever told me about cracking around the filling and the tooth eventually weakening.

Remember when you were little and you didn't know any of this stuff? When your only worry was whether you'd get dessert after dinner? Yeah. I miss those days too...
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