The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Reminders and Randomness

First, nominations for the Prison Break Fanfic Awards end tomorrow, so if you haven't filled out your ballot with nominations, please do so! I'm finishing mine today.

And PB authors, if you have any straggling fics that you'd like for consideration, please post them up at TODAY. They are still within that window. And ping me if you think you've written something fabulous that I might have missed. :)

Other news: yesterday was Cody's mercurybard's birthday! I saw much festivity on LJ. And today is mona1347's birthday, so go wish her well if you haven't already.

Also: I have Guitar Hero 2. I hooked it up yesterday, and stayed up too late trying to improve my scores on songs. My daughter too-- she's nine, but that Motley Crue song has her hooked.

And.... I finished the 1-sentence Wincest fic thingy, and I'll have to wait to post it up tonight or tomorrow, because I seriously need access to semagic and all the boldface helpers in it for those one-sentence things. They are the devil to format! :0

Happy "House" day! It's baaaack!

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