The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Supernatural: "Night Shifter"

Just some random thoughts on this week's episode, because too much wankage and squee make me tired every week.

Damn, Hurley, why you always gotta be getting in trouble that way?

Okay, just had to get that out. ;)

My love list for this week includes the wonderful Geek-Out between Hurley Ronald and Dean, and the fact that the man DID do some good research except for that whole "Mandroid" thing. Oh, Lone Gunmen-- how we miss your weird.

I also loved the title (just so creepy and multi-layered), how stricken Sam and Dean were when poor Ronald got shot, the coming-home of all those bad-luck consequences from St. Louis, and how the boys very much realize now the terrible situation they're in.

On a side note, I'm very pleased that Kripke's show is no longer so incredibly white as it was in Season 1. We had Missouri, Cassie, and an Asian guy that the shapeshifter passed through in "Skin," and then that was it. This season, we've had black families, a black hunter, random ethnicities of various cops and minor characters (poor suddenly-evil shoot-em-up Doctor in "Simon Said"). This is a VERY welcome change.

The black FBI agent that showed up... at first, I thought he might be the Shapeshifter, because he knew so much about Sam and Dean and the incriminating details of their past. But instead, it turned out that he was incredibly competent instead, which is even BETTER. In a sure-to-be-angsty future way. :)

Of the nitpicking side... if "Dean's" body remained after the Shapeshifter's death in "Skin", then why is everybody on a manhunt for Dean? Alternatively, if the body disappeared... then so will the dead "twin" the police found, and shouldn't THAT bring up some interesting questions (not to mention what happens when they interview the living version of the replica). My point is, I'd like some continuity here (because the 6-month-old-baby-demon-visit thingy with Sam and the other "special" kids and the dead/not-dead moms is already damn inconsistent).

Plus, I really do not like the closing song, "Renegade." I have never liked that song. Kripke's music is really hit/miss with me, and anything along the lines of hair-band/Journey-Foreigner-Genesis/pure-metal is usually a miss, and sad to say my love for "Styx" was fleeting and has been deader-than-dead for years now. :(

All you people who tempt me with your photobucket pix today... *grouses*... I can't see any of them, and I don't know why. I'm just getting "" with no specific picture. :(

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