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Supernatural 2.11, Playthings

Mixed feelings are the rule of the season, I swear...

Now here was an episode where both brothers were in it together, and their scenes were some of the weirdest/most "off" to me yet.

First, the opening exchange with the "antiquing" euphemism. Where's the Dean who slapped Sam's ass in "Bugs"? Who IS this guy who has seen pretty much everything, and now has Sam explaining a situation to him that they've run into before? It seems inconsistent.

Although, the exchange on "Overcompensating"... sounds like a line out of this Wincest story I wrote last year. ;) And I did like how Sam turned that conversation from "Why do people think we're gay?" to "Well, you are kind of butch..." Way to lay it at Dean's feet, though he deserved it for getting all weird.

The expansive lying about Sam being into dolls was actually making ME uncomfortable, and I don't know whether that's good or bad in terms of Dean's characterization. He really can be such an ass.

The big negative for me was the "drunk Sam" scene. At first, I thought Sam had been possessed by the old lady in the wheelchair that we'd seen in the promos. It didn't look or sound like "Sam" at all, let alone drunk!Sam. It looked and sounded like some entirely different person. Jared, what were you thinking in that scene? It lessened the big impact for me of Sam begging Dean to promise to do that one impossible thing, and Dean was just very weird there.

I don't know. Sometime the fumbling between the brothers (and Kripke's anti-touching obsession) just gets weird for me. I like it most of the time, but I need the balance, and I guess it's been too long since I felt we had that. Either Dean's pushing Sam away or the reverse, and it's all just weird.

On to the FABULOUS: The Inn. The doll-sized inn. The bizarro wedding-dress-on-the-wall type of decor. The creepy desk guy who could have gone either way (hello "Rocky Horror Picture Show"), but turned out to be normal enough. The Invisible Friend, and how that was slooowly revealed (loved that). The sheer quantity of evil, glassy-eyed dolls. The "solarium". The crazy/sick lady in the attic. Hoo-doo. Good times, all of it, good times.

The "Supernatural" portion of this episode was really good, I thought. It was creepy, it unfolded to become even more creepy, and the answers weren't as obvious as they appeared.

And in my fixation on small details, I really liked that when the proprietor caught the boys in the attic with her vulnerable grandmother, she immediately kicked them out. That's the normal response to that situation, and it's great to see that little sting of reality, since we get so used to viewing the weird Winchester viewpoint as "Normal" most of the time.

And my final closing ramble, which is brought home by the last scene in the car.... I really, really love the acting Jensen does with his face. A good half or more of his "Dean" characterization is non-verbal, and I love the changing emotions he conveys in situations like that. Awesome.

Still want my hug. And I do believe it's about time Dean got drunk, at least once in awhile. The boy's got a lot he's bottling up these days...

Whether you skipped over the entry or not, here's a question for you: does Jensen walk like Dean (all wide-stanced and bow-legged with that rolling gait that makes him look like a bear), or does he walk like a normal person? I seem to remember Alec and Jason Teague as being more lithe and athletic in their movements. Anyone?


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