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2006 Writing Meme-- Finally

Here it is, finally: The Writing Meme
Had to wait until 2006 ended to be sure I had nothing to post up last minute. It was a frighteningly prolific year.

These used to have links below, but I gave up on getting MS Word to give me links and not volumes of spewage. The ones mentioned in the Meme have active links, in case you're curious. All others are linkable off my Fic sub-pages (see my Live Journal links).

PrisonBreak Genfic
Lincoln and Michael:
Castles For Kings(G)
You're Not Helping... (PG)
Like A Kid In A Candy Store (PG-13)
Sunday, Boring Sunday (PG, Humor)
Nitpicking In Nirvana (PG, Humor)

Sacrifices (PG)
Into That Good Night (PG-13)
The Waking Dream (PG-13)
Echoes Of Something Lost (PG-13)
A Common Language (PG, Humor)
Fallen (NC-17, Het,Dark)
Always Tomorrow (PG-13)
Penguin Break: TheStory Of Lincoln Burrows (PG-13, Crack)

Having The Answers (PG)
It Won't Be This (G)
Precious Things (PG)
If Only (PG)
Falling Away (PG)
The Man Without A Name (PG)
Getting Down To Business (PG)
Fatherless Child (PG)
Spare Me The Details (PG-13, Humor)
Father's Day (PG)
Knowing All The Wrong Things (PG) )
Down To The Dirt (PG)
Wait, What? (PG, Humor)
Not How It Happens (PG)
Compadres (PG)

Other Characters
Whole Cast: Fractured Moments (PG)
Sara: A History Behind The Smile (PG-13)
Sara: And If The Answer Fades With Time (PG)
Warden Pope: All God's Children (PG)
Warden Pope: Secrets (PG)
Maricruz: Imperfect Choices (PG-13)
Maytag: Not Your Sweet Little Boy (PG)
Abruzzi: Ascension (PG-13)
Mahone: Joining The Darkness (PG)
Agent Kim: Who's Sorry Now? (PG, Humor)
Westmoreland: Flown (PG)
Haywire: A Tapestry Of Music(PG)

Crossovers and Crackfic
Prison Break/ER Crossover, (Sara/?): Modern Fables For Single Women (PG)
Down Home (PG-13)
Sympathetic Tango (R)
Paging Dr. Crankypants (PG)
CrackFic: When Godzilla Attacks (PG)


Prison Break Slash
Always (Series— WIP) (R-NC17) (7 chapters)
Twist (PG-13)
Stung (PG-13)
Unfulfilled Dreams (NC-17)
The Shape of Freedom Arc
The Shape of Freedom (PG)

Sacrifices (PG)

Far From The Journey's End (R)

Riding Out The Storm (R)

A New Beginning (R)

Crossing The Border (R)
Like Silk And Satin (NC-17)
A Sense of Adventure (PG)
Serenity and Shadows (PG)
Darkness Falling Arc~~ Set in the Paradise Universe
Darkness Falling (PG)

Keeping His Distance (PG)

No Soft Tomorrow (PG-13)

Waiting For Yes (PG)

What's Mine is Yours (NC-17, PWP)
Night Vision (PG-13)
Solace (PG)
Clothes Make The Man (NC-17, PWP)
Bound By Love (R,Dark, Underage Warning)
Enthralled (PG)
Payback (NC-17)-
Impaired Judgment (NC-17)
Someone Else's (PG-13)
Diamonds In The Dark
An Oasis Of Being (NC-17)
Icicle Palace (R)


Supernatural Gen
The Holiday That Keeps On Giving (PG)
Momento Mori(PG-13)
Death's Design (PG-13)
Halloween Dreams In A Motor-Inn World (PG, Wee!Winchesters)
Death In Flight (PG-13)
Candy Apples And Vampire Teeth (PG, Wee!Winchesters)
Happy Whatever. Maybe. (PG)
Monster Mash (PG, Humor)
Restless Spirits (PG)
The Overshadowed Truth (PG)
Impasse (PG)
Down That Lonesome Road (PG)
Unbreakable (PG)
Evocation (PG)
We Were Soldiers Once (PG)
Beneath The Silence (PG)
Whispers From The Edge Of Sleep (PG)
Letting Go (G)
Denial Will Not Save You (G)

Supernatural General Drabbles and Drabble Sets
"Ornaments" Challenge: Christmas Angels (PG).
"Trees" Challenge: Silent Sentinel (PG)
"Acceptance" Challenge: Accommodating Truth (PG, angst)
"Depression" Challenge: A Cycle Of Sorrow (PG, angst)
"Bargaining" Challenge: Desperate Deals (PG, angst)
"Anger" Challenge: Lines In The Sand (PG)
"Denial" Challenge: All This Is Not (PG)
"Halloween" Challenge: Witch Kitsch (PG, Humor)
"Fall" Challenge: Comes Calling (PG)
"Sixth Sense" Challenge: The Unknowable (PG)
"Hearing" Challenge: In Translation
"Smell" Challenge: Belonging (PG)
"Touch" Challenge: Far Away So Close (PG)
"Sight" Challenge: This Burden (PG)
"Gain" Challenge: Always At A Price (PG)
"Pain" Challenge: Agonies Of The Soul (PG).
"Joy" Challenge: The Open Road (PG)
"Lasts" Challenge: The Unexpected Ending (PG)
"Firsts" Challenge: Uncertainties (PG).
"Sibling Rivalry" Challenge: Vestige d'Amour (PG)
"Fireworks" Challenge: And Never Back Down (PG, Drama)
"Drowning" Challenge: Deluge (PG)
"Failure" Challenge: Consequences And Silver Linings (PG)
"Fathers and Sons" Challenge: Lessons Carried Forward (PG)
"Moving" Challenge: Always Moving On (PG)
"Disappointment" Challenge: Bon Appetit (PG, Humor)
"Expectations" Challenge: When All That's Left Is Denial (PG, Drama)
"Exits" Challenge: Going, Going, Gone (PG)
"There and Back Again" Challenge: Turn And Return (PG)
"Questions and Answers" Challenge: Elusive Philosophies (PG)
"Turning Point" Challenge: The End Is The Beginning Is The End (PG)
"Plants" Challenge: Leaves and Lifetimes (PG)
"Crossover" Challenge: When Fandoms Collide (PG)
The Careless Perils of Pizza (G, Humor)
"Zombies" Challenge: No Perfect Evil (PG, Angsty)
"Holidays" Challenge: Four Gen Drabbles (PG)
"Candy" Challenge: Displacement (PG)
"Missing Scenes" Challenge: Four Gen Drabbles (G, Angsty)
"Mary Sue" Challenge: The One (G, badfic)
"Holidays" Challenge: Four Gen Drabbles (PG)
"Minor Characters" Challenge: And So He Waits (G)
DoubleDrabble (Failed "Pets" Challenge): Making Friends (G)
"Pets" Challenge: The Point Goes To Dean (PG, Humor)

Crossovers, CrackFic,etc.
When Fandoms Collide (PG, Crossover Drabbles)
More Ways Television Can Kill You (PG)
If Fangirls Ran Supernatural


Supernatural Slash:
Mapping The Tides (R)
Laying A Trap (PG-13)
Take Me For A Ride(NC-17)
Shattered (NC-17,Non-Con, Dark)
In The Light Of Day (R)
Of Galleons And Ghosties (PG-13) (Wincest PirateCrackFic)
Fortune's Fair Disregard (PG-13) (Sam/Dean PirateFic, NOT Crack)
If I Would You When (R)
Smoking Gun (R)
In Anger And Defeat (R, Dark-ish)
Lost In The Sea Of Sky (PG-13)
Field Research (NC-17)
The Battle Finished(R)
The Flow Of Darkness (R)
Footprints Swept Away In the Wind (PG-13)
Space Invasion(PG-13)
Detour (NC-17)
Neither Predator Nor Prey (R)
Truths Spoken In Anger (updated, re-rated R)

Supernatural Slash Drabbles and Drabble Sets
"Denial" Challenge: Parallel Deceptions (PG-13)
"SightChallenge": Unforseen (PG)
Held Fast (R)
A Lack Of Certainty (R)
Dreams Of Innocence (PG-13)
"Questions and Answers" Challenge: Searching (R) (Five Slash Drabbles)
Night Vision (PG-13)
"Holidays" Challenge: Rituals and Celebrations (PG-13)
"Missing Scenes" Challenge: Five Slash Drabbles (PG, Angsty)
"Rituals" Challenge: Secrets (PG)


Other Fandoms
Lack Of Information
Chicks Rule, Boys Drool
A Sequence Of Hours

Is That An Intubator In Your Pocket? (PG-13)

Star Trek:
Reluctant Picard/Q: Manners Are For Mortals (PG)

Drabbles Memes, Stories I Never Wrote You
"Unwritten Story" Ficlets (Prison Break and Supernatural).
Multifandom Drabble Meme
Multifandom Drabble Meme #2

J-Squared RPS (Slash)
Meant To Be (Sunshine and Sweet Molasses) (NC-17) (Hot)
Leaving The Known Highway (PG-13) (Romantic)
Adrift (PG)

That's 126 regular fics, 52 drabble sets!

My favorite story of this year: Wow, so hard to choose. By subgrouping, "Like A Kid In A Candy Store" for Prison Break Gen, "Paradise" for Prison Break Slash, "Whispers From the Edge Of Sleep" for Supernatural Gen, "Footprints Swept Away In The Wind" for Supernatural Slash, "Leaving The Known Highway" for the big "Other" category. My favorite drabbles were "Deluge" (Supernatural Gen) and "Searching" (Supernatural Slash).

My best story this year: By subgrouping, I pick “Fallen” in PrisonBreak Gen(ish), “Paradise” in PrisonBreak Slash, “Happy Whatever. Maybe.” in Supernatural Gen, and “Mapping The Tides” in Supernatural Slash.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: For Prison Break, I'll go with "A Tapestry of Music." This is really good, but not many people have read it—probably because it's Haywire's POV, and it's minor-character Gen. For Supernatural, I'm going to go with "We Were Soldiers Once." Most of the people who have read it really, really liked it, but its awareness level is low. Second would be "Letting Go, " which is a Sam-centric early Season 1 piece that hardly anyone read.

Most beloved by readers (I added this category, partly because this sometimes has the most unexpected results): "When Godzilla Attacks" or "Spare Me The Details" for Prison Break Gen (both are humor), "Bound By Love" for Prison Break Slash (it's dark, and very unlike my usual Lincoln characterization), "Happy Whatever. Maybe" for Supernatural Gen (the ONLY Gen I've written that has 2 pages of comments), and "Mapping The Tides" for Supernatural Slash (hard to tell actually—a number of the Slash stories have really great response. This area gets the biggest response, out of all that I write). I'd bet that, for the drabbles, readers like most either "A Cycle of Sorrow" or "Holiday Drabbles" (Supernatural Gen), and either "Sight Unseen" or "Rituals And Celebrations Holiday Drabbles" for Supernatural Slash.

Most fun story: "Penguin Break" (the Prison Break Gen crackfic picSpam piece). I made myself laugh while I was putting the words and pictures together.

Most sexy story: "Like Silk And Satin" (Prison Break Slash) is pure erotica, and I have no idea for Supernatural Slash—it could be any one of the many carPorns I wrote, or the sensual "The Battle Finished."

Story with the single sexiest moment: No freakin' idea. I wrote a lot of smut last year (both for Prison Break and Supernatural), and it covers the gamut from PWP-sex to love-making to schmoop. "Sexiest" of those depends on what aspect of "Sexy" you're going for. CarPorn seems to hit a lot of readers the right way, and "Take Me For A Ride" (Sam/Dean in John's truck) even moreso than the others I've written.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Wincest PirateFic, which wasn't my idea (it was assigned to me by summercon). Clearly a CrackFic type of story, but it took two tries—the first was a Romance-style piece that I posted anyway, and oddly enough some people like that better than the Crack one.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: There were a few of these. "Bound By Love" (Prison Break Slash) is a really different view of Lincoln, and I found that I could sell it even though I don't prefer that characterization. "Fallen" (Prison Break Gen) took me to bad places with Sara (well-supported by canon, but I like my denial) and Lincoln (the prompt, which wasn't mine, required either a hugely AU setting or that Lincoln be assy to Michael). And finally, "Impasse" (Supernatural Gen) is a view of Sam that acknowledges that perhaps he really can't be everything to Dean and that he'll lose too much of himself if he tries.

Hardest story to write: "Shattered" for Supernatural Slash, because it's really dark (and set during a painful part of canon), and that's a difficult place for me to write from. "Mapping The Tides" was hard because of its length—both of these are around 5000+ words, and I have trouble writing through a creative arc that's that long.

Easiest story to write: Some of the drabbles, and a couple of the Prison Break humor pieces, but overall "Space Invasion" (Supernatural Slash) was fairly easy despite the fact that it was my first dialogue-only fic! The Sam and Dean snark sometimes is just self-generating…

Biggest Disappointment: "Laying A Trap" (Supernatural Slash). It wanted to end where it did, but readers wanted a continuation that I still haven't yet finished! I haven't responded to any of the comments on it (which I feel horrible about), and it isn't linked off my Supernatural Slash page-- which tells you how conflicted I am about it. The second one was 'Wait, What" (Prison Break Gen). That was for someone else's prompt, and I just couldn't make it work quite the way I wanted to. Actual crack would not come, no matter how I tried.

Biggest Surprise: There were several of them. First, that so many people really liked "Bound By Love" (Prison Break Slash) and that I clearly am more dark-averse than many of my readers. Second, I wrote Het for "Fallen" (Prison Break Gen), and Het is a squick for me. Third, there is far more love for PirateCrackFic Wincest than I ever would have guessed. Fourth, apparently a soldier's revisiting of Vietnam War angst ("Memento Mori") is more universal to other countries and ages than I would have thought. I expected perhaps 3-4 other people besides me to really get and like that story. Fifth, the number of responses to "And So He Waits," which is a John drabble. That was written early in the season, and I apparently hit a nerve for a lot of people who were kind of peeved at John. And last… that people will actually read and love a 1-sentence story arc on Jensen/Jared RPS. Twice. Who knew?

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Perhaps not unintentionally telling, but "Knowing All The Wrong Things" (Prison Break Gen) features a substory that is from my life (as directed by the challenge I wrote it for) and a bunch of other similar aspects I've lived with. What's more amazing is that it resonated with so many people who felt it could easily have been about them, not to mention the character of Michael Scofield.

Most Untelling Story: (I added this category). "Fallen" (Prison Break) feature a perspective on sex and drugs that is nothing remotely like mine, so I very much writing outside of my experience (but convincingly, I think).


Now I’d be interested to see what readers nominate for those categories, or any other comments they have. What do YOU think was the sexiest Michael/Lincoln or Sam/Dean? What was the single sexiest moment? I'll add the links for anything you mention above... :)

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  • Idol Survivor: "In The Garden"

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