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Recs! and pre-Xmas rambling

Four new people have friended me in the last 2 days, so-- welcome!

Today began with my husband sending me a link to the "Highway Conditions" information for I-5 from California to Oregon. :( He's hinted about the heavy storms in the Northwest the last few weeks, and somehow I get the impression he's fairly sure we're not going to make it up North this year. *concentrates powers on ice- and snow-blasting thoughts* *Begone, storms!*

Plea for f-list folks and drive-bys: if you haven't read my Supernatural Wincest fic, Mapping The Tides, I hope that will change soon. ;)

Some Supernatural recs (mostly not recent, either):
Father Christmas (PG, Gen) by koyote19. This is from last year, but still a great holiday wee!Chester story. Sam and Dean from an outsider's view...

Law Of Diminishing Returns by witchofthedogs (Gen, to mid-Season 1). I've always loved this story, Sam and Dean shown month-by-month with such insightful looks at the things that drive them, that they remember... that they avoid. The writing has such beautiful clarity. I miss witchy in this fandom like you wouldn't believe. :(

His Own Hell (NC-17, John/Demon) by kantayra. Why are more people not reading this one? The slash pairing intrigued me, but this story is something else entirely. It's John over time-- his choices, his motivations, how he becomes who he is along the way. He runs into the Demon repeatedly, their dance of death and obsession developing and becoming yet more intriguing over time. Absolutely incredible look at John, and I can't recommend this one strongly enough. I'd probably call it "R," because the sex isn't majorly graphic or all that extensive. It's all about story, and you just can't walk away anymore than John did.

Books Of The Living, Books Of The Dead (PG-13, Gen) by poisontaster. These are 11 connected 100-word drabbles, slightly AU with Dean having a small power of his own. Lovely individually, and haunting as a whole.

Things My Brother Taught Me by deannaz (NC-17, Wincest). This is the first in an incredible series of stories of Sam and Dean over time, beginning in their teen years. The underage part didn't tweak me at all-- the love here just flies right off the words and pulls you in, and before you know it you've read the series as the brothers get older and we move up to somewhere in Season 1. Appearances by John and Missouri as well, and there's schmoop and funny and loads of hot, sexy Guh. Just fantastic.

See Me (R, Wincest) by plutogirl10. A very difficult interlude in Sam and Dean's relationship, and it's gorgeous and broken and you want to slug Dean for being so entirely who he is here. So much packed into such a short story.

All Things Bright And Beautiful (PG-13, Wincest but just barely) by angstslashope. Sam's toy rabbit, Mr. Bun, watches him grow and change from a boy to a man. Such an amazing story and idea that I can't ever imagine coming up with something this brilliant. Dean and John are shown in this story via their style, and that alone makes me love it more.

Twinges of Supernatural angst, anyone?
Certainty (PG) by stillane. There are things Sam knows...

Sanctuary (NC-17, Wincest, futureFic) by plutogirl10. The story is incredible, but the description and allegory and metaphor will leave you stunned. Again, this is angsty.

I also offer a general pimping of "The Supernatural Slash Anthology" that our own moveablehistory collected and made into a book available for downloading or via ordering online from Cafe Press. I've been working my way through one incredible story after another in there, and I can't recommend this book highly enough. The range and beauty in it is just wonderful.


Merry Christmas to all this weekend, and I hope to poke my head back in here with at least one of my spn_christmas stories soon!

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