The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Randomness and a Plea!

My brain is officially mush after two sleepless nights, thanks to the back-ache from nowhere-- what brought that on? And I'm behind on my Xmas preparations. Still no little special something for my sister and sister-in-law (4 hours of looking over two weeks, and NADA). Must finish making free-lance sleeping bag for my son's toys. Have to make special scrapbook photo pages for M-I-L (who will be staying over Xmas eve, and that puts a dent in my Stealth and such right there).

And my Christmas cards? Oy. I should just get vague snowmen or something, because having them out BEFORE Christmas is so freaking rare. Plus the nagging from above sister about why I don't draw my own cards like I used to before we had kids (Lauren's nine now, and there has been ONE drawn card since then). Although I DO have an idea this year, but... let's be real.

I received two fabulous cards, an adorable one from Jaymi (our own witchofthedogs) and a Prison Break one from pamalax complete with Prison-Break revamped "A Night Before Christmas." Whoo! I'd have participated in a larger exchange (because who could resist Santa on a beach drinking beer from a friend in Australia?), but... see above about problems getting my FAMILY cards out on time. Gah.
round (I have one remaining story, on a participant's virus-infected computer, so we're having a leetle delay there) AND two stories for spn_christmas. The first story is well-mapped out. But the second, well-- here's where you come in:

My prompt is for a Wincest story in which Dean offers to do the kink of Sam's choice for Christmas. So help me out here-- what kinks can you think of that my very vanilla self is likely to be able to work with for this story?

Weigh in with your ideas in the comments below, plz!

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