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What I Wrote In November

It was a frighteningly prolific month, thanks to the mini_nanowrimo challenge. I still have not finished all the pieces that I started or made progress on during that month! But many were created and finished (yay-- finished!) thanks to the challenge. (and with due acknowledgements to lost sleep and too much computer time). Oh, and birthdays. Several of those to write for as well.

Here are the completed goods. One Prison Break story not-yet finished (4/5 done), a Wincest story that just creeps (that was supposed to be a series of brief vignettes in an arc) and a Wincest sequel that doesn't want to finish.

Supernatural Gen
Memento Mori (PG-13)-- John finally visits the Vietnam Wall monument. For witchofthedogs.
Death's Design (PG-13)-- Spooky and Angsty: A Hunter above all else should not forget vigilance. For fiddleyoumust.
A Cycle Of Sorrow (PG)-- Three connected drabbles on "Depression."
Desperate Deals (PG)-- John, Dean, Sam, drabbles on "Bargaining."
Lines In The Sand (PG)-- Sam, Dean, John drabbles on "Anger."
All This Is Not (PG)-- Missouri, Sam, John (drabbles on "Denial")

Supernatural Slash
Laying A Trap (PG-13)-- One-sided Wincest, and yes I AM trying to write a sequel.
Take Me For A Ride (NC-17)-- Season 1 timeframe. Truck!Porn.
Parallel Deceptions (PG-13)-- Two one-sided Wincest drabbles on "Denial." For wenchpixie).

Prison Break Gen
Joining The Darkness (PG)-- Mahone story for pamalax.
Not How It Happens (PG)-- Michael's plan was no match for reality (Season 2).
Fractured Moments (PG)-- 50 sentences on the Prison Break fandom.
Nitpicking In Nirvana (PG)-- Post-Escape, better bonding through bitching. For pamalax
Always Tomorrow (Pre-Series, PG-13, Lincoln)-- Good intentions are not enough.

Prison Break Slash
An Oasis Of Being (NC-17)-- Post Escape, M/L carporn. For tyrical.

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