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Am I janzing the xels?

Or xelling the janzes?

Because I can never remember. I mean, so many of these names of medicines are beyond random, but Xeljanz is two randoms run together like they mean something. I know that this is partly due to a turnabout on previous drug-labeling rules, where vendors' marketing teams concocted whizzy names that implied/hyped desirable benefits of the drugs (like "Vivactil" as an anti-depressant, or "Abilify" to treat mood discorders, and let's be honest, "Alleve" as a pain reliever). That was considered too influential. But still, WTF is a xel? Or a janz? \o?

Ever since prescription meds were allowed to advertise on television, commercials have gotten a lot weirder...

Speaking of TV, I am LOVING the presence of WEtv on our cable package this last month or so. Several days of the week, it seems to be rap and hip-hop reality shows, for no apparent reason. But a couple of the days are Law & Order marathons, mainly the original series (and including episodes older than the final 6 seasons!!!) and Criminal Intent. I can't record the channel, so it's hard not to stay up super-late on nights when they show either of those shows. I should be in bed right now! But I just realized that the teenager on the classic L&O episode I finished watching who looked so familiar was a very young Jacob Pitts (Tim from Justified). \o/ And then a Criminal Intent started up, apparently from after I stopped watching the show's original run, because I had no idea Vincent D'Onofrio had gotten so huge in those later seasons. Thanks to watching with the sound off, it took me awhile to decide who one of the other characters was supposed to be. He looked like a grizzled Tony Goldwyn, and sure enough, the relationship with Vincent's character and the near absence of eyelashes and eyebrows cemented the ID. And John Glover is randomly in this same episode as well, because of course he is... Ooh, but that scenery looks crunchy! :O

In Idol news, Thursday (now today) is the last day to vote for this week's stories. Mine is here, with a link to the poll for voting and for reading all the entries. There is some great stuff this week!

All right, off to bed. No xels will be janzed at this time, or ideally ever. I mean, I'd prefer not having any of my randomly broken/cracked bones come calling with trouble down the road...


LJ Idol Season 11: "The Power of Cross-Species Friendship"

The Power of Cross-Species Friendship
idol season 11 | week 25 | 1770 words
The Catbird's Seat


Catherine Bell and her friend Lark Bush lived in the downhill side of town. Nobody had much of anything there, except wounded pride and tempers that were too quick to spark and too slow to cool.

Everyone called them Cat and Bird. Cat, who was feistier, thought it was probably simpler for everyone else to remember. God forbid anyone should have to actually work to recall even the slightest detail about either of them.

Lark, always more easy-going, thought it was cute. Lark was never the type to look for ill will, though, or to be resentful. She wasn't even angry at her father for running out on her and her mom. Sad, but not angry.

Cat's dad had done the same, and she was plenty angry about it. Money had gotten even tighter after that, and her mom just drank and complained about how life had treated her. Cat had given up on her after three years of that crap, and had moved into Lark's house during their Sophomore year of high school.

Earning money to help Lark's mom out with rent and groceries was one of the reasons Cat worked part-time, doing the billing for an accounting office Saturday mornings and after school. The other reason was the work experience. Because Cat did not want to end up like her mother.

"I want to do something with my life!" she said one Sunday night, while trying to finish up her Trig homework.

Lark looked up from painting 'Bad Kitty' nail polish on her toes. Lark's homework was finished, because she was this superhuman mathlete or something. "Okay, but what exactly?"

That was one of the mysteries of Lark. "How can you be so practical and so laid-back at the same time?" Cat hadn't been laid-back since the fourth grade, the first time the city had turned off her family's electricity for an unpaid bill.

"I just don't sweat the small stuff, that's all," Lark said.

"People say that, but what does it even mean?"

"It's like, if you want to do something big, figure out what that is and plan for it." Lark paused to wipe off a stray smudge of polish. "But don't sit around all, 'I wanna be a pop-star, why isn't that happening?' and keep stressing. You know? We all want that, but just saying it doesn't mean anything."

"Well, I don't want to be a pop star," Cat said. "But I definitely want something better than minimum wage..."

"Well, yeah," Lark said.

Cat and Lark would walk to school together every morning, trudging from the school-lunch-program half of town to the moneyed half where the high school was located. Cat always felt the weight of the other students' judging eyes on her, waiting for her to slip up and do something awkward or uncultured. It never seemed to bother Lark. When Marcy Bradford or one of the other mean girls would comment on her clothes or her worn-out backpack, Lark would just laugh and say, "Well duh, because I'm poor."

Cat wished she could be like that. The boys would always laugh, like Lark was the coolest thing ever (and she was). And everyone knew the Marcys of this world had it coming.

Collapse )

If you enjoyed this story, you can vote for it along with many other fine entries here.


*Crackle* *TSSssssss!*

Stupid heat! We have more than a week ahead of us with temperatures forecast for the high 90s or 100-plus. There might be a brief respite tomorrow of ONLY 96o, but OTOH, I see that the projected temperature a week from now is 107!!! Gads, I hate this climate. :(

It is so hard to bike outside when it's this hot—namely, to be up early enough to get out before it's hopeless. HalfshellHusband manages, but he's an early bird. I'm a night owl, and with being isolated at home I keep drifting toward the sleeping hours of 2am - 10am that I had the second semester of my Freshman year of college (when there were no early classes to drag me out of bed). I keep trying to migrate my bedtime earlier, but end up going to bed really late 2 or 3 nights a week, so it never gets there. When the daytime high is in the upper 90s to low 100s, it's already 86 or so by noon and goes up 4 degrees an hour. I think I've acclimated to being able to finish a ride at about 90o at the hottest, which isn't impressive. We've taken to opening up the garage door early in the morning to let the cool air in, and then shutting it up so it takes longer to heat up. That gives me more flexibility for biking in the garage at least. \o?

In other news, thanks to everyone who voted for me in Idol this week! I have another story due Monday night, which is a quick turnaround. No idea what to write yet. :O

Did anyone try out that music link I posted yesterday? It was for youtube—I tried linking to Spotify, but when I tested it, there was some weirdness with wanting a sign-in and other annoying stuff, so nope. I tried out the American Gods playlist on Spotify yesterday, but mistakenly clicked something that caused it to sort alphabetically by title. And then I could not get it back to sorting in order of when the music appeared in the series. I tried leaving and re-adding the playlist, but that didn't work. :(

Now if I could just get it to stop auto-launching songs on my phone why I click "Open in Spotify." I just want it to ID the song, so I can add it to my ListenLater list and see if I actually like it. Not start playing it while hiding the pause button, so that I flail with the phone like a n00b trying to find a way to mute it! :O



Just a reminder, today is the last day to read and vote for this week's LJ Idol entries! My story is here (and almost sure to make you smile), and there's a link to my partner's entry and to the poll to vote for those stories and any others you like! I have just 3 more to read myself, and there's a lot of great entertainment there. \o/


So, about a year and a half ago, I was forced to upgrade my work PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Two months later, it decided the headphone jack no longer existed. I tried various workarounds, but I could not persuade it to use anything but the USB port (which is where my audio headset for Skype/Zoom meetings plugs in). That meant I could only listen to music on a USB headset, and the one at home only has an ear unit on one side! So when my office sent everyone home to work remotely in early March, guess what I didn't know I needed to take with me? *cries*

I've been music-less up until the last 5-6 weeks, when HalfshellHusband mentioned that he had a USB-to-headphone converter that might allow my earbuds to work again. YESSSSSSSS! So, I'm finally able to listen to Spotify again, and expand my playlists. \o/

I went back through "Liked From Radio" a few weeks ago, and hit a song by Dirty Projectors called Overlord. At first I wondered what I'd been thinking, adding that song, but about halfway through I'd already ear-wormed myself with it again. Such lush, ear-candy harmonies!

Sometimes, I'll listen to huge parts of a specific artist's or group's catalogue, to see how much of their other music I like. Not so productive for Dirty Projectors—a lot of their music seems to explore being deliberately annoying. But it's how I discovered that while I didn't much like the particular Ledfoot or Picturebooks songs Spotify suggested for me, I liked the artists' overall sound, and there were several OTHER songs I did like. And that I don't like Florence and the Machine's lead singer's voice anywhere near as much as she does...

Last week, I was listening to The Lumineers, a group our daughter liked long before they became so popular. And yikes—for their most recent album, the lead singer is either experimenting with 'detuning' or he's just stopped trying to keep songs within his range. Singing on-key is pretty much my hard-limit. /o\

Tuesday, I tried Crosby, Stills, Nash, (and sometimes) Young, to add some of their music to my playlist. I'll regret this later, because it'll skew all my "Discover Weekly" offerings toward a bunch of random folk and 70s stuff, but whatever. Most of what I like is on Deja Vu (which is the album I bought way back in '74 or so), and overall... Neal Young's voice puts a hard, high edge on the group's harmonies that is tolerable in context, but damn, he should never have been allowed to sing lead. Urk. And who knew that the bluesy voice I liked so much on most of their songs was more often Dave Crosby rather than Stephen Stills? And then I listened to their 1977 album and wanted to cry. The late 70s sound ruined SO many bands.

Now it's back to some selective "Liked From Radio" choices, to retrain Spotify's algorithms. Maybe there's an American Gods** playlist? I've Shazamed a lot of bluesy songs from that show, most of which seem to be by the show's main music person, but it's a good sound. :D

**ETA: There IS! \o/


Elementary, My Dear

The entire weekend (and parts of yesterday!) were spent writing my LJ Idol story for this week—no surprise there. This was another intersection (which IS always a surprise to me). But for this round, our success rides on the combined votes for our entry plus our partner's, which is problematic for those of us who don't bring any RL friends or family or Facebook people to the part. My entry is here, with links to the poll and to my partner's story. Please read and vote, if you can! :D

I forgot to mention that in starting Elementary S2 for my garage-biking entertainment, I've come across the first appearance of Mycroft Holmes. Rhys Ifans looks a little scruffy in that role, but there's a captivating something-something about him that defies all logic. Every time he appears on the show, I think "Yes, Please!" And I do not know why. :O

OTOH, it also occurs to me that I made it all the way through S1 without once thinking, "Good god, what is Joan wearing?" So, those questionable fashion choices that seemed out-of-character to me in later seasons were not initially present. I mean, I found the 4-inch heels a little bizarre, but her S1 clothes were generally fun, attractive, and not particularly weird. Yet.

I also forgot to say that one of the books I recently finished was The Refrigerator Monologues, and I really enjoyed it. I don't really read comics/graphic novels, but I could not resist this book's premise. It's a set of linked stories set in the afterlife and told from the POVs of various women who were superheroes, or the girlfriend of a superhero or supervillain, and died as a result. All of these women have essentially been forgotten—the SuperArc has moved forward without them—and they are bitter and delightfully snarky about it. There are also fun nods to comics in general, such as the kids with Special Powers trying to decide what their Superhero names should be, or the supervillian who builds a gigantic pipe-organ under the big city, a pipe-organ that can wreak havoc and destruction. I mean, I would think that underground would not be the best place for a weapon that destroys buildings and infrastructure, but perhaps that's just me. This was a fun, creative read. :D

Now I'm currently in the middle of Butcher Bird, which seems a little like it was Richard Kadrey's test-pilot for his later Sandman Slim series (some key plot elements overlap). And speaking of bad ideas... I know they look cool and all, but there are reasons beyond the Hindenburg that airships and giant hot-air balloons never much caught on as a form of transportation. They're incredibly fragile, and thus very easy for enemies or simple misfortune to destroy. If you're on the water and your ship is destroyed, you might still survive. But if you lose your ship at altitude, the ground is much less forgiving. :O

Not that I'm bringing that up for any particular reason...


LJ Idol Season 11: "To Find The Hero Within"

To Find The Hero Within
idol season 11 | week 24 | ~ 3600 words
If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn

Note: This week's story is an Idol Intersection with hangedkay. We chose a common idea, and then wrote our different adventures independently. His entry is here, and they can be read in any order.


It was almost eleven o'clock, and Harold Bleeker was tired. It had been a long day—a horrible day—and Harold was standing in the damp and the dark at the side of the road, peering through the fog and hoping with each flicker of movement that the bus to Watertown Road had finally arrived. He'd reached the superstitious phase where he tried not to think about the bus (to avoid jinxing his chances), and he had almost circled around to thinking that maybe he was jinxing himself by not wanting it enough when the bus came rattling through the fog and creaked to a stop in front of him.

Thank god.

Harold climbed on board, dumped his fare in the coin slot, and dropped down into one of the sideways-facing seats near the front. His stomach churned over the onslaught of the vending machine snacks he'd eaten in lieu of dinner, but he was too tired to care. He'd be going straight to bed when he got home, hoping to grab five or six hours of sleep before starting all over again the next morning. Quarterly accounting reports were the pits.

He finally looked around at the other inhabitants of the bus. There were never many passengers that late in the day—or ever, as far as he could tell. It was not a popular route. But still, this group wasn't quite what he expected. There were three of them, all sitting near the back, and they were all such hulking sorts. Growly-looking too, now that he thought about it. Ogre-ish.

It wasn't that he thought they might try to eat him (probably not), or even start brawling in the aisle, but they were not a mellow bunch. As near as he could tell, anyway, since he couldn't really see their faces. There were just these glowing red things where their eyes should have been, which he had to be imagining. The whole bus was oddly dark. Murky, even.

Harold peered at the wall across from him. Would it kill them to do a little cleaning and maintenance once in awhile? He rode this bus every week, but it looked much worse than he remembered. Almost mossy.

The bus hit a bump, jolting Harold halfway out of his seat. The ride isn't usually this rough. Or twisty, he thought. Where were the Biltmore Kennels? He should have passed them by now, but he didn't remember seeing them. And what was that tall, gloomy house up ahead? He'd never seen that before.

There was a sound from the back of the bus that definitely sounded like a growl. After fifteen years working as an accountant, Harold rarely called upon his instincts, but they woke up on their own just then and informed him that the generalized "wrongness" of that bus was about to become dangerously specific if he didn't get off right now. He pulled the signal cord and lurched to the front of the bus.

"I'd like to get off here," he said to the driver.

The driver glanced at him. Wait, are those tusks? Harold thought.

"I'm afraid not, sir," the driver said. "This isn't your stop."

It wasn't one of the usual drivers—and those were definitely tusks—so Harold couldn't imagine how the driver even knew where he lived. "That's all right," Harold said, "I can walk the rest of the way."

"Not tonight, sir. We're all riding to the end of the line," the driver said. "You and those giant trolls back there all have the same destination."

"I'm sorry, did you say trolls?"

"Didn't imagine they were ogres, did you?" The driver snorted a laugh. "People are always thinking that. Ridiculous!"

"Well, I'm sorry if you find my troll taxonomy skills lacking!" Harold said. "Now stop this bus, I mean it. I want to go home."

"Oh, they all do, sir, but it's not up to me. So you'd best sit right down again and prepare to take your lumps like the rest of them."

"Now, see here—" Harold began.

"Yes, yes," the driver said. "All in good time…"

Harold flopped down into a seat. I've been kidnapped, he thought.

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If you enjoyed this story, you can vote for it along with many other fine entries here. Please read and vote for my partner's entry as well, as our success is tied to our combined total!



I finally saw a baby bunny while I was out cycling last weekend! It had been a while. \o/

Years ago, a coworker rained on my parade by telling me there were no native rabbits here—and that anything that looked like a baby rabbit was actually a baby hare. That was oddly depressing (maybe because hares are more freakish than cute). :( But also...he was wrong! As soon as I saw the huge cottontail on that little bunny, I knew it wasn't a jackrabbit. I did some poking around on Google, and it looks as if our parkway rabbits might be Desert Cottontails? Not the Brush Rabbit, unless when people describe the underside of the cottontail as being "grey," they actually mean a light silver color so blinding that other people call it "white." Here's a sample baby desert cottontail rabbit:

They really are awfully cute! Yesterday, HalfshellHusband saw his first one ever. OTOH, he's seen tortoises crossing the bike path several times, and I never have. I'll take a baby bunny over a tortoise any day, though.

Outside biking has been sporadic, thanks to midweek temperatures rising to near or over 100o these past three weeks, and then a day or two of high winds as the weather systems shifts back over to the low 70s. \o? As a result, I just finished watching Elementary, S1 while biking in the garage, and have now started S2.

In other viewing, we decided to give Lucifer a try via Netflix streaming, and all three of us are enjoying it a lot. It's surprising "light." In between, we're rewatching Sleepy Hollow on Hulu, at least the first season or two (since The Boy missed seeing S1). The two main characters, and their chemistry, were so charming. They totally made up for the batshit mytharc, and it's such a shame the writers/producers destroyed what made that show special. Seeing Jenny in S1, I shudder knowing how much of the storytime she and her various boyfriends will eat up in future seasons, and the effect that has on the overall show. :( So meanwhile... *La-la-la-la-la!*

In book news, I finished the Jack Reacher Blue Moon book last week absolutely hated it (a first), and keep meaning to detail that on Goodreads. I'm almost done with the Joe Sixsmith book I started as an antidote, and then I'll begin a Richard Kadrey novel that is NOT one of his Sandman Slim stories (because I think I've caught up to all the ones he's written. Tragic!)

And for other real life news... I finally got my hair cut yesterday, after 24 weeks. The bangs were really starting to poke me in the eye, even though they were curly. We also did "highlights," which actually consists of a light bleaching treatment to bring the red back out again. None of that was necessary before my early 30s, but then my hair got much darker and the auburn turned to brown. I used to wonder why my older sister was coloring her formerly medium-brown hair so dark (it made her look really pale), and it turned out that she wasn't. It had just gotten much darker as she got older. Same as for my mom and younger sister. \o?

I'm about to start the weekend, which will mean hours and hours of time trying to write my Idol story. It's another Intersection, and that just makes it SO much harder. Meanwhile, I randomly stubbed my foot on the laundry room door today, and kind of wishboned a couple of toes a bit. It hurt quite a lot, and the last time that happened (on a square-legged dining room chair), I broke a toe. Hours later, the injured toe is still painful and there's telltale bruising. It doesn't appear to be as bad as the first time (when I broke the toe clear across the base), but something is cracked or broken above that bottom joint. Bummer. :( :(

ETA: Definitely broken. I can feel the crackling when I move the other toes and it moves with them. Ugh.



So, the current LJ Idol poll for this week's stories is a community-only vote. BUT, it's a community anyone can join!

If you've ever found yourself thinking, "You know, talented people are not giving me enough free stuff," then LJ Idol is worth checking out. During an active season (which usually runs about 5-9 months), a prompt is given about once a week, and then participants have until the deadline to write and post fiction or non-fiction entries for that prompt. Then there's a reading and voting period for those entries, followed by a new prompt.

There is always lots of good stuff to read for each poll, and the variety of approaches the writers use is impressive. Free stories for your entertainment!

Joining the community (click on the user-icon for that choice) lets you vote for stories like mine this week, and can also make you aware of fun discussions in the Green Room, and what the new prompts are and when they're due. It might even tempt you to try entering as a writer at some point!

This community has brought me a lot of fun, challenge, and opportunity, plus a whole new world of writing/reading friends. It always, always needs new members to help keep it alive, and I hope you'll take a moment to become one of them!