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Now that the "Grow-it-yourself" Homeropus is out of the water, he's slowly shrinking:

 Today (6 days of shrinkage)                     Maximum size

But he's doing it in a strange way. I mean, doesn't he look a tad... fabulous... in the picture on the left? (Maybe you can't see it--some of the tips are now pointing upward). The water is evaporating much more quickly at the ends, so there are those twisty tentacle tips (with flair!) and then the fat, rubbery middle is almost unchanged. :O

I could swear there's a blue cartoon hat-wearing octopus in a similar pose, but the context just isn't coming to me... In any case, I've put a big ketchup-bottle lid between him and the plate now, to let air flow underneath. We'll see if that changes the shrinking pattern at all. :)

In other news, HalfshellHusband is still having a hard time. He's able to get around a little using his walker, though it's painful and tiring. But mainly, things hurt all day and all night (including while he's trying to sleep). It all just gets exhausting. This actually hurts more than the hip replacement surgeries did, which could be because most of the soreness is deep bone pain rather than muscle pain. He's looking forward to when it only hurts if he stands on the broken leg, instead of while he's just sitting or lying down. :(

It's been hot again here, and smoky. The week before last, I bicycled outside 5 times. That was followed by a week and a half of riding indoors, mainly because of the smoke. While a couple of the bigger wildfires from August are almost entirely contained now, several new ones broke out a little over a week ago, so the cycle continues. By the end of the day, it starts to seep into the house until it smells like the inside of a chain-smoker's car. :(

I think I've ridden in the garage (and then the laundry room, thanks to the smoke) more times this summer than I have during ANY winter in the 30+ years I've lived in Sacramento. It's maddening. Elementary, S2 is still sitting in the DVD machine out in the garage. In the laundry room, the WiFi is strong enough that I can finally catch up on some of the Netflix streaming shows that HalfshellHusband doesn't want to see.

So, I'm up-to-date now on Better Call Saul, which is getting increasingly depressing (not surprisingly). If there were a version of it that was just The Amazing Mike Ermantraut, HSH would watch that in a heartbeat, but he doesn't like the rest of the characters. I can't blame him. Mike's sub-stories are definitely my favorite parts. The utter creativity and sheer competence of that character are just fantastic. Now I'm watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events, because HSH thought the premiere episode was kind of dull. That may be because he has no memory of ever reading any of the books. The episodes are not fast-paced, but they're compelling, and reflect an obvious love of the books. The art direction alone! *swoons* The casting of Patrick Warburton as the drily humorous Lemony Snicket! *swoons again* I like the overall casting quite a bit, as well as the unexpected racial diversity. "Mr Trick" (as I think of him) is a delight as the cheerfully clueless Mr. Poe, and Alfre Woodard was a wonderful surprise as Aunt Josephine. I can't get the show's theme song out of my head these days, but it's worth it.

What next after that, though? I just started S3, and at the rate things are going with the outdoors here, I need to start looking ahead. But at the moment, I need to go to bed. :O


Octobuddy Update

Just in case you've been waiting for news on our rubbery, immersible, self-growing friend...

It's been two weeks now since I first put this creature in water, and he hasn't gotten any bigger in the last couple of days, so I think it's fair to say he's reached his maximum size.

I might be a little disappointed? I mean, the label said he'd grow 600% (i.e., 6 times larger). So I was hoping for huge, creepy, RAWR-I-will-crush-your-puny-boat-Mwah-ha-ha-ha-HAAAAAH! things. \o?

But as our son pointed out, the projected size-increase could refer to his fatness as well as his length. And honestly, with other grow-it-yourself creatures, it usually does. (Darned if I don't wish I knew where I put that growable vampire a few years ago, since I never tried him out and I bought him because of the absurdity. *ahem*). The Homeropus (as I've decided to call him) is definitely much bigger and fatter than he originally was. Also rubbery, in case you were wondering. And? I mistakenly hit the "Google links" button on my phone when I was taking pictures of him, and Google decided he might be a bunch of bananas instead. :O

Here's the final size comparison:

Today (Day 16)                                          Day 1

Measured (about 9" in diameter)     |      Top View Closeup      |  Textured Underside With Serial #

Now he's out of the water, where he'll stay for as long as the evaporation process takes. The slow reversal begins... :D


*sigh* Not again...

It was a tough week for HalfshellHusband. He had an accident while riding on the bike path on Thursday, and fell. He wound up with a broken femur and some serious road rash on his right arm and upper back. :(

It's so heartbreaking. Something like this happens to him about every 2 to 4 years, and he becomes an invalid for the next 6-8 weeks. Then he has to slowly build his way back to fitness again.

It's hard on me too, since I have to take care of him and also cover the things he usually does (like groceries and laundry and errands and cooking) on top of working full time. It just gets overwhelming and stressful, and this is after 4 hip surgeries and a broken shoulder and a broken wrist in the last 25 years or so.

But it's so much harder on him. Painkillers don't really help him, because one of the meds he needs every day has the side-effect of blocking the receptors for things like painkillers and anti-depressants. So, he's in considerable pain 24/7. He also feels guilty about not being able to help around the house, and the whole thing is just so dispiriting. I don't know how he has the tenacity to keep fighting his way back. I'm just glad he does.

He had originally planned to give up biking the next time something like this happened, but it's one of the few things he's still able to enjoy (what with the restrictions from his heart issues and other chronic pain problems). And it keeps him as healthy as it's possible for him to be.

So instead, he's finally considering various types of 3-wheeled bicycles, and trying to find something that rides upright (like a regular bike) but provides the extra balance and stability that you get with 3 wheels instead of two.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that people actually make some really useful walker bags now, so you can carry liquids and other things around. These are much better than the tote bag I affixed to that walker years ago! I got him the best design of the bunch, and also bought a side-bag for the rocking chair that's on the way (made for wheelchairs, but it'll work for any chair with an armrest and rails). That will help him wrangle the 4 remotes for cable/TV/DVR/Hulu, and give him a place to put his phone and Kindle too. \o?

But what an end to an already awful summer. We are in joyless Mudville once again, and now the heat and smoke are back too. :( :(


In Memorium

As with many Americans, our family is devastated by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg last Friday.

With her death, we lost a passionate advocate for the rights of men and women, the rights of workers and voters, and the rights of citizens vs. corporations. She fought long and hard for equality, democracy, and justice, and Friday's news brought forth a collective surge of anguish and fear for the future of our country regarding all those things she held so dear.

Without her spark, her intelligence, and her tenacity, and without the weight of her vote against the already-too-conservative makeup of the Supmreme Court, we are in danger of losing hard-won rights and freedoms, and the integrity of our government and political process is threatened.

I've shed many tears over the loss of this great woman, both for who she was and what she achieved, and for the protection she gave us for as long as she could. Many people have said that she bore the weight of the nation on her shoulders, and I think much of that is true. She held on as long as she could, trying to last through Trump's term and hoping for a new President in 2020.

It makes me even sadder that she had to worry about such a thing in those last weeks and days when she was struggling with cancer and about to leave her loved ones behind. What an awful responsibility, in the midst of an already tragic and terrible time.

But she knew how important it was, and everything that has happened in the days since has proved her right.

Thank you, Your Honor, for the lifetime of service you gave us all.


Oh, HelLURRRrrr...

A progress report on our little home experiment:

  Today (Friday)                                             Wednesday

You can actually see that his eyes and one of the tentacles have emerged from the water-- and I just added water yesterday until he went under.

He doesn't grow quickly, but he IS getting bigger. That bowl is 11 inches in diameter, for reference. How much bigger can he get? \o?


In Climate-Change Jail...

Ughhhh. It's been oppressively hot and/or smoky here for 4 1/2 weeks now. On the few days where the highs have been < 93o, there's usually been too much smoke to exercise outside. I've only been able to ride outside 5 times over these many weeks. FIVE. :O

I've lost a lot of strength and stamina, because riding on the trackstand bike only does so much. Though I am SO glad I moved that thing indoors and set it up in the laundry room 3 1/2 weeks ago. It's in the way of everything, but at least the air inside the house is viable. HalfshellHusband also fetched the 'grabber' from the hip kit we're storing in the garage, so we can still get clothes out of the dryer pretty easily, as well as things in the cupboards on the far side of the bike. \o?

I never thought I'd be monitoring the air quality (and its forecast) so obsessively, but this is the longest stretch of smoke pollution we've ever had. None of these fires are actually IN the Sacramento area, but they're burning to the West, the South, and the North of us, and the mountains to the East form a barrier that tends to keep the smoke stuck here. :(

There aren't as many fires in the Northern hills and mountains as we sometimes get, though some are re-burning areas that are very close to where the devastating Camp Fire destroyed entire towns two years ago. The ones to the West and South are an unwelcome surprise. All of this stems from a series of thunderstorms over Northern Californa a month ago that included more than 10,000 lightning strikes and started about 30 fires. Firefighting resources are stretched really thin, and the fires are always hard to contain in the summer. The grass and forests are really dry, and it's a rainless time of year.

Normally, we would escape all of this by going up to Oregon to visit my family, but COVID makes that unfeasible (hence the feeling of being in jail). Even worse, Oregon is also battling several thunderstorm-triggered fires (and at least one caused by arson) that started over Labor Day weekend. One of my sisters is on the edge of an evacuation zone near Portland (she is packed and ready, though), and my mother is in Eugene near another large fire that has destroyed several towns along the beautiful McKenzie River Highway (126). I spent a LOT of time checking fire and evacuation maps for Oregon over these last 5 days. The winds near Portland have dropped down and are shifting back toward the East again (back toward what has already burned), which is good, and there's some hope of rain tomorrow. But how sad for the little towns along 126 and Highway 22 (both gorgeous areas) that have been devastated, and I see that one of the fires has crossed over the edge of the Warm Springs Reservation too. Horrible. As with California, having a bunch of fires all start at the same time makes it nearly impossible to contain any of them. And there are three large ones up North that are in danger of merging together across the Mt. Hood National Forest. :(

Meanwhile, in non-depressing news... this is happening at our house right now:

It's one of those 'grown your own' creatures that I got The Boy as a gag gift, probably from Dollar Tree. I was all set to donate it to Goodwill, and then I thought, No--I want to see how big and creepy this thing'll get. It started off at a diameter of about four inches. Now it's on its second bowl, and it's bigger than a salad plate. It grows verrrry slowly, but eventually its eyes poke up from the water and you have to add more to submerge them again. That's the biggest bowl we have, and I don't know that I'm willing to sacrifice the bathtub if it reaches that size... but I might be. I mean, the package says it can potentially grow up to 6 times larger, so who wouldn't want to try THAT out? \o?


Singing Each To Each

I'm still wading through our daughter's old toys, putting playsets together to sell. So much unplanned Internet research! The Polly Pocket toys in particular have a lot of small parts, and pictures of them as originally packaged never show all the pieces of the set. I wind up Googling the sets and comparing official pictures to what other people are offering, to help determine what's most likely actually in the set. And checking the instruction sheets, if those exist. It's an inexact science. :O

Between the Hello Kitty stuff and two Polly Pocket sets in different size scales, I've Googled mermaid themes several times already. That's how I stumbled on this freaky-ass knock-off of something:

It's made by--get this--Unicqe, which looks like a misspelling of a misspelling. :O The Mermaid Fairy Princess wording seems a little aggressive, and WTF is a Magical Face?? Unless your idea of "magical" translates to derpy-looking, with crossed eyes and heavy, crooked eyebrows. \o?

I also came across this product:

We actually have this thing, and it just seems utterly cracked-out to me. The doll and the dolphin look like they're trapped in some sort of doom-spiral in that tank. They're supposed to seem happy, but is that dolphin rejoicing or struggling to get free? Is the doll smiling, or gritting her teeth?

I mean, after 5 or 6 days of looking at those pictures, it seems a little less weird. But am I alone in thinking the whole idea is utterly bizarre?

Though this is true for a lot of toys marketed to girls. "Mermaid Fairy Princess" kind of says it all. :O


Idol Finale

For those of you who've been following along with the current season of LJ Idol, today (Monday) is the last day to vote in the final poll and help determine the winner! Just three writers and three entries are left. Please take a few minutes to read and vote!