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05 January 2020 @ 10:49 am


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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
23 April 2014 @ 10:36 am
I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a happy one! We got back from Oregon late on Saturday night, and did not get around to dying the eggs that had been boiled the week before. But we had an Easter Egg hunt anyway, with plastic eggs and chocolate things inside, so it all worked out. Plus, the kids' Easter baskets. They're teenagers, but it's still all about the chocolate.

We had a nice visit with my parents, though it's hard to see them aging. My mom is 88, and Dad will be in a few months. They're still doing better than a lot of their peers, but it's not as easy for them as it once was.

We played glow-in-the-dark mini-golf in Portland while visiting my sisters, which was really neat! Putting is still my nemesis. It's a complete crapshoot.

I finished Divergent, and got halfway through the "must read this!" book I brought, partly because my mom had a Jeffrey Deaver book (Lincoln Rhyme series) I'd never read. Now I'm midway through both. I managed to get all of the Thursday Next books downloaded onto my Kindle before we left, so my son could re-read as many of those as he needed. Fortunately, he figured out how to access footnotes on Kindle, because those are crucial for that series! He made it into book 4 on the drive home. That kid reads faster than I do...

I also madly tried to read all the Idol entries, and did the voting... only to have the voting aborted within the hour before the deadline. Argh! That eye-bleed was all for nothing!

Now I'm slogging through the workpile at the office. Happy Wednesday. :O

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
20 April 2014 @ 11:34 pm
Family Superstitions
lj idol season nine | week six | 491 words
Step On A Crack


Never look at the shadows in the corners, Mama used to say. Don't stare into the eyes of strangers, or set your name out on the wind.

Don't help the evil of this world find you.

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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
16 April 2014 @ 01:02 am
We're up visiting family in Oregon, doing very little and trying not to use up my parent's Internet allocation for the month.

I got my Idol story finished before we left, completed & mailed the taxes (ugh), paid bills, met a bunch of work deadlines by going late into Friday night, and got zippo done on the yard before the packing/driving tornado took us all. It's an 8-hour car trip, minimum, and just arduous.

I finished Haunted on Sunday. I rarely give up on books, but I was sorely tempted with that one. It was needlessly disturbing. Creative, yes, but overall very much not fun. I'm at the brink of the denouement in Divergent, so I slowed down on that to finish up tomorrow and I've put the next book in the series on hold. My on-reserve Joe Hill book became available... but then I noticed that it was the audiobook version and not the ebook. I have been burned by that several times before, and wish our library had more ebook offerings. At home, I'm halfway through the latest Flavia de Luce mystery, and while here I picked up a Jeffrey Deaver novel I haven't read before (Lincoln Rhyme series, one of the early ones). This ignores the two hardcopy books I brought along that I really "should" be working on instead.

I'm trying to read LJ Idol entries as I can, and may spend some time at the city library tomorrow borrowing their WiFi. HalfshellHusband did that today, while accompanying our son who has a project to work on (you've got to love teachers who assign homework projects during vacation). This particular project is the second in a series where students create pseudo-Wiki entries for various elements. Last time, he had Thorium (and used the cute little graphic with the beard, hammer, viking helmet, and atomic symbol). Can't remember the one for this round, which is probably one of the 'newer' elements. Yes, let me trot out my oldness. Back in MY day, we had nine planets, too!

All right, off to bed. Let's pretend that I won't rat-hole down more of Divergent while getting there. Think it'll work?

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
Don't Try This At Home
lj idol season nine | week five | 995 words
Build a better mousetrap


You have to understand, I didn't start this. I was just minding my own business, like any other Joe, and then I woke up one morning to what looked like a trail of chocolate sprinkles across the kitchen counter. Except that we don't even buy that kind of stuff.

It was only the beginning.

I got down on the floor, looked behind the stove and around the baseboards. I didn't see a darn thing, but evidence doesn't lie. After I bleached the hell out of those counters, I went to the hardware store.

Poisons. Old-fashioned traps, like something out of a cartoon. Humane-release devices, all kinds of crap—there was a whole industry behind my problem. My wife, Marge, was always going on about toxic chemicals, so I bypassed the poisons and went for the basic spring-loaded killing machine. Yankee ingenuity, right? They were still around, so I figured they must actually work. I bought four of them.

I went home and got to work. I put cheese on them—two of the traps snapped back and almost got my fingers, and a piece of cheese wound up in the overhead light fixture. Nice. I fixed the traps up again, and slipped one under the fridge and another behind the edge of the stove, with the two others going behind a living room bookcase and in the corner next to the hall bathroom toilet. Not exactly classy, but I hid them more for fear of walking into them barefoot than worrying about how they looked.

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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
08 April 2014 @ 11:20 pm
I spent half the weekend at the County Courthouse, watching our son's team compete in the county's Moot Court semifinals. They tied for 3rd, which is pretty darn good—especially for a freshman team in the school's first year of the program!

About five weeks ago, it was our daughter's Mock Trial team in the county semifinals for that. Her team finished second. Competitive fake law has had a big year at our house. :D

Moviewise, we finished Miracle at St. Anna. Good cast and performances, much more explicit violence than I would have liked. I suspect it was more depressing than audiences wanted—injustice ran in all directions throughout.

Bookwise, I'm still working on Haunted, and still considering bailing out. The farther in you go, the grosser and more disturbing it gets (kind of like a Quentin Tarantino movie). It's a creative and interesting story, but also really unpleasant (and becoming moreso). Hrm.

We're heading up to Oregon for Spring Break, mainly to visit my parents. This is like signing yourself up for days of boredom, and I know the kids would rather do something fun... but my parents are in their late 80s, and I'm trading off this trip for going in the summer (because I'd like to take at least one 'fancy' trip before our daughter goes off to college, and the kids' summer schedules usually make any sort of planning difficult). I've done some web research to see if we can find much of anything to do up there, but... not looking promising. My parents like to either go out to eat, or sit and watch TV, but not much else. Makes me restless just thinking about it!

Still not done with taxes (time is running out!), and work has taken on a hamster-wheel quality. Boy, the weekends are just much too short. :(

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
Greensboro Woolworth's, 1960
lj idol season nine | week four | 157 words
“Nobody can ride your back if your back's not bent” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)


We hear your words, your hatred,
Poisoned syllables striking our necks,
Like the hot, spittled breath of rabid dogs.

Yet, you call us animals.

Screaming as your throat runs raw,
You hurl names and anger to keep us down.
The shadows of burned houses and lynching trees
Rise up between us. The law counts for nothing.

We sit as tall and dignified as the kings
We deserve to be, or at least like men
Worthy of polite service, a place at the table.
We will not beg for what you never had to earn.

Others have been murdered, beaten. This we know,
But being forever afraid is halfway to dying.
Rosa Parks and the Little Rock Nine proved their bravery
For all the world to see. Now, so shall we.

To every angry word or threatening gesture,
We offer absolute resolve. We will not stoop
To your sorry level—your inhuman violence.

Yet, you call us animals.


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03 April 2014 @ 02:29 pm
It's Thursday, right? It's been such a long week that it feels like it should be Friday, but no...

Last weekend, I wrote my Idol entry, which is here, and did some reading, but mostly too much sitting around. It rained all day Saturday, which was not expected. Blergh. I still need to finish the taxes!

I'm on to three new books now: The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches (a Flavia de Luce mystery), The Care And Feeding Of Exotic Pets, and Haunted. That last is a Chuck Palahniuk book, the first I've actually read. Definitely interesting, but much of it is too explicit for me—about everything. It's the reading equivalent of watching a movie with your eyes squeezed shut and your hands over your ears. There are parts where I think, "God, do people actually DO that?" But then the alternative, if they don't, is that the author is thinking that stuff up. Not much better, really.

I think I only mentioned our derp-dove on Twitter. This bird built a nest right out in the open, on top of the wooden lattice covering the air-conditioner. If the Whale cat were still around, I'm certain that bird would have found a better place—higher, more protected, something—and not have been sitting there where the rain just poured down on it. It disappeared on Saturday. The nest is still there, but I don't think there are any eggs in it. Possibly the work of another, aggressive bird (if the chance comes up, I swear I will write an Idol entry on the battleground our yard becomes in Springtime).

Our remaining cat is slightly less afraid of going outside now, but not much. I think Halfshellhusband has thrown away most of the folded-Bandaid-wrapper bow ties I made for her to play with inside, which is a shame. Those apparently were outstanding toys—the roll-around-on-your-back-and-gnaw-on-them kind. My Bandaid needs have fallen off again, so I won't have the materials to make her new toys. Who can predict what cats will play with? (Clearly not most of the people who make cat toys). All of our cats have liked breadbag-twisties, and most also string. Tigger could not resist pencils, but none of the other cats much cared. We could not dissuade the Whale from playing floor-hockey in the kitchen with the bunny's pooplets (or nag our daughter into doing a better job of sweeping them up, though the Whale could find the 'hidden' ones easier than we could).

In other news, I have not had any untoward encounters with the insect world while biking. I know the wording is cryptic, but just thinking about it too much seems to have tempted fate in the past.

Any excitement in your world?

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
30 March 2014 @ 06:11 pm
On The Move
lj idol season nine | week three | 1500 words
In another castle


We lived in five different houses in four cities by the time I left for college, and my dad didn't even have the excuse of being in the military. Sometimes we moved because he ran from his problems rather than facing them, but usually, it had to do with his unerring tendency to buy the "albatross" house.

You're probably wondering exactly what that term means. Say that someone tries to sell their house and a year or two later, there are still no takers. If you were to go look at the house, you might find a room or a feature that was utterly weird. My father would look at that same house and not notice the weird thing until after buying it and living in it for a few years. Once he did notice it, the house would then become completely unlivable and he would have to sell it, but he would never see the problem early enough to avoid getting caught up the whole mess.

I don't know what our first home was originally like inside. Outside, it was a nice-looking, white two-story house that burned to the ground before I was born. My father rebuilt it as a black, ranch-style house that seemed normal enough apart from the birch-forest wallpaper in the living room, and his having cannibalized one of the four bedrooms to turn it into a library with built-in shelves (this last part would become a recurring theme in all his houses). The original garage remained, though. It was wholly unusable for cars because the previous owner had run his dental practice from it, and it was full of patient chairs and the strange machines he'd left behind. When Dad sold the place (because my mother finally decided she'd had enough of working full time, raising two small children, and trying to maintain a 72-acre farm), I think the dental equipment was still there.

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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
29 March 2014 @ 06:09 pm
For the writerverse prompts that match the titles.


Come With Me
I stretch out my hand
to your heart. In that soft reach
lies love or distance.

Your touch heats my skin,
the silken torment of breath
bringing forth the fire.